Of humans and fey
Chasing the Sunset
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Pixie Slayer says:

Hey, Nadialy, don't go dissing Feiht! She's my favorite character!

Pixie Slayer says:

Btw, Mith and Alien, that little pixie beside News and Stuff tells me you accept bribes...

Dooooooom says:

I'm going for the Tolkin meaning of "doom of men" which is death (although in this reality elves also die). Also I think she's talking about the witch in the forest because the witch is so obsessed about death although I don't know what he would have done to trigger this. Hmmmm.... Or it's the unicorn, but everyone else was guessing that. I'm... coherent... scary

Chrinos says:

Well, the traditional doom of man, and the killer of innocence, is knowledge. Man thinks too much, and has to break apart anything beautiful to see how it works. Then again, in a world with many sentients, I doubt that is the intended reference.

Nadialy says:

woof, Ive finally caught up....
brilliantly executed comic so far! very creative and funny (although feiht gets on my nerves sometimes) ive got my panties in a complete twist in my anxiousness to see more.

PS- got the link from Something Positive, by the way
PPS- The lady seems kinda happy in the last panel. Hehmm

Erebus says:

Is the former creature of innocence the "evil" witch ? Maybe I'm guessing too much.

Erebus says:

In #276, the king mentions that he lived in a small hut in the forest for many years. Morgane is probably referring to something he did back then. Possibly to a non-human woman he seduced and got pregnant...

Qzole says:

But I don't think Dersil sent the hunters, read the grey unicorns story, he would never do such a thing... I think.

Qzole says:

Hmm... I would somewhat agree with Dark Flame, it might have to od something with the unicorn, but I might think, that he made the unicorn a legend, and even had songs about it, thus alot of people would know about a mayestic grey unicorn, so many hunters may want to hunt down the unicorn, and this might be the doom of men...maybe.
Erythnul, you forgot to say, that the next strip will be on the 13th and it will be also friday, yay!

dragonqueencr says:

and the innocence part... she definately meny the Gery unicorn because it would make sense that Dresil sent the hunters. They had to be ordered to do that.

dragonqueencr says:

when the Lady said "the same as everyone else" i think she ment to party. :)

Queenie J says:

"He cast the doom of men on a creature of innocense." Is that like incense? Or incest? Or in-no-cense? Like "Do we have incense for the sacrification rite?" "We have in-no, no incense" and then it got corrupted?

Midgee says:

The art is also getting better all the time!! it rocks!

Kaiou says:

Isn't is spelled innocence?
Other than that I love this comic, I Am a new reader, and just recently caught up. I love the art anf of course feiht!

Midgee says:

And the plot thickens thicker!! o0o0o

Erythnul says:

Nah, only 1d 13:13:13... :p

Lee says:

Oops, typo.

Mimir says:

Dun dun dun!!!

Ninja Girl says:

Is it about the Grey Unicorn?

Moonclaw says:

Umm...*ponders* Great strip, it's got me thinking.

Daithi Dubh says:

I think it will end up having something to do with the furies. Remember how he recognized the eyes turning red as a sign. and he does seem to have a lot of knowledge about them even for a Bard.

Ninja Girl says:

ooo plot progression. I like how Lady Morganes dress is made out of leaves. Exelent artwork as always.

Mithandir says:

Haven't finished the background shading yet (or the foreground highlighting for that matter). Will do so when I get home from work.

I wonder whether anybody can guess what the Lady is on about ... it takes quite a bit of knowledge of the Chasing the Sunset universe to know, but all the clues are on the site :)

DragonWriter says:

Morning all. :)

Ninja Girl says:

yay! First comment

dragonqueencr says:

oooo I know its like the grey unicorn story that Mith wrote a while back!

Faticia says:

I think it probably has to do with either the witch OR the furies. Daithi Dubh did have a point. How did a bard know about them. I mean, he seems to have more knowledge then the average bard would have. Enough knowledge to want to have Leaf schooled on the subject. On top of that, how many bards let other people talk when they could be doing it on their own. But the furies don't have much to do with the forest... I don't think...hmm...I'll stop thinking out loud now.

True-Chaos says:

Maybe I just know you too well Mith, but I didn't have to think at all to figure out what it was... And I think that scares me :P

Faticia says:

I just started reading this strip a couple days ago so pleas pardon me if I try to think to hard.

dragyn says:

Whoah. Nice work, as per usual.

Also, this place is a lot more active than it was at my last visit.

Sesshi says:

And Morgane is back... looking far cooler than her last appearance, with all your new shading and colouring things you've been doing. The comic looks absolutely wonderful!

MegaTroopX says:

Morgane's top looks like a large leaf. Appropriate for a nature spirit.

Tallguy says:

I wonder if the king had somthing to do with the mage dieing or the unicorn hunters

AnyaStyrzod says:

The return of the Morrigan! YAY!
I feel safer now. Lotsa comments. It was getting kinda deserted there for a while...*cue tumbleweed*

Bubbles says:

"first" comment? but that'sd the third 2 last comment!
um, anyway great comic! i like the plot as usual.

Lone Star says:

I know what she's talking about!! It's the unicorn prince!! Alien, am I right? Huh??

Lone Star says:

Whoops I meant mithandir.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Bigger.... :)

JuneBug says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

squee pretty new shading!!

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