Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Mmz, sortof happy with how Ayne turned out in frame 4. Dunno why.

noir says:

Me too. I like her hair like that.

PeripheralDeity says:

I like the use of humor in the last panel to relieve the dramatic tension.

Bubbles says:


CryptoGirl says:

i like her in panel 4, too. the face shape is the same as it was in the very beginning, and it's really pretty! yay! good job.

Squirt says:

"Bring the packs she said! These things are NOT made with dragons in mind." LOL! ROTFL! LOVE it!

Squirt says:

Oh yeah, Alein Iagre with you.

Soleil says:

I like how she looks in panel 4 also

Icy says:

Pointy ear in F4

hailstorm says:

you did a rly good job on this one alien

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