Intelligent Life
Chasing the Sunset
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King of Shadows says:

Where did the Ayne's bow dissapear to?

ellwonay says:

they just drop leaf......

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

It must be all that lembas.

dragonstar says:

is that thing a dragon wevryn a confused tyradactal or some type of parrot?

Bubbles says:

its a hibryd

Icy says:

Not much vocab for Arpix

Shadow Phoenix says:

Technically, he's a wyvern, but he also reminds me of a pteradactyl. Particularly in his infatuation with fishies.

the lone power says:

i think arpix was born *special*...... if you catch my drift!!

Statri says:

How does the fish comment remind you of a pterodactyl? If you've never met one, how do you know that they're all infatuated with fish?

Absconder says:

Spelling Errors in comment list:
Sorry for snobbishness, but it's a thing I do.

hailstorm says:

her arrows look like straws

Lokitf says:

I've known a few pterodactyls, and they're for sure fans of fish!

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