Dersil (aka King Dersil)

Dersil is a rather curious bard who took over the crown of the kingdom of Gamun (by forging some papers) when the ruling council of thinkers needed to make a series of unpopular decisions (brought on by the sudden appearance of dragons in the mountain pass that is the main link of trade between the humans and the elves).

Even though he is in name king, Dersil does not hold any real power of his own, and neither does he want to. He has made it his job to present the people of Gamun with an arrogant and evil king, to show that the council of thinkers is really not so bad. As such the people of the kingdom can take their decisions philosophically, because at least it's not that arrogant king ruling.

Dersil made an earlier excursion into the universe of Chasing the Sunset however (albeit not in the comic), when he was the bard who named the Grey Unicorn.


SinityFIRST COMMENT! Hehe he's silly.
BregenorLove this guy, he's really quite wise


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