Fair and graceful are the elves. Of the civilised peoples of the World they have remained closest to nature living in a harmony with it that their elders call "the link". An elf cannot live without nature, and preventing one from being close to living things is considered cruel torture, as the elf will invariably die from sadness. So great is this sadness that during the wars between men and elves, only the most cruel of the human lords kept captured elves imprisoned in stone rooms. It is said that one of those that did committed suicide after going crazy from the elves' mournful chant. Whether that story is true or not, it cannot be denied that elves have a certain resonance with their environment, and they can feel the mood of the wild almost as well as the fey do. In fact, the elves are thought to be closely related to the fey, which in many ways they resemble.


Elves do not take to control well, and as a result their society is very loose and open having no real hierarchy. However this doesn't mean they are strongly individualistic as they are by nature social. Elven villages are spread around their lands and are ruled not by written rules but by common sense and silent agreement. Other races usually have a great deal of problems adapting to the freedoms and limitations that such a system provides, and so elves as a whole shun outsiders (and are shunned as well). The only real authority amongst elves are the elders, who are respected for their experience and their advice is usually followed.
In times of strife or trouble, elves will abandon part of their anarchy for a more organised military, which has proven itself to be very effective. Elves never attack, they only defend. However it is not impossible for them to defend lands against the people that live there.


There are no real population centers of elves as they are not generally city dwellers, preferring to live in small groups or villages in or near forests and other wildlands. Though elves can be found everywhere that there is nature, most reside in the southern part of El'iand (though a substantial part lives in the dragon lands of the north-west). A group of wilder elves is rumoured to inhabit the northern mountain range of Nordland, but reliable information about that region is scarce.

In El'iand the only cities are the capital Imianad on the river El and two ports: El'tira, also on the river El, and Di'zra.


Lone StarWoo First comment!
Lone StarAnd nice story. Amazingly I can understand this better than most history books!
dragonqueencr"have a natural tendency to dislike dwarfs who complain about never getting a ring and challenge the elf to a death count competition even though there is no way they an win" My version relations to LOTR
halfdragon_magei have heard that the elves are kinda part of nature
TelcontarJackMithandir, yer a reg'lar Tolkien, ye are. Great background info, and sweet comic, mate.
HamstersEverywhere"Defend the land against the people that live there." Whu what? Why? Isn't that attacking? Oh well.
...Hey! No human link.... :( I think you should add a totaly kick-@*$ human just cause they're considered a lower race in this comic. (not that this is a problem, I'm a fan of Mark Twain's "The lowest animal") You'd know that'd be cool :).
Ultrainventorhuh. Well there's your problem. I was looking at the page source to find out why the images weren't working. Turns out that the URL addresses for the images don't go anywhere.

I understand HTML, some Javascript, and a little Actionscript. Mithandir, I might be able to help the next time the comic turns up white. I cant promise anything, but I can give it a shot.

Then again, you guys seem to fix that kind of problem fast.
MithandirUltrainventor: The blank comic is really just the timer running down before a comic was uploaded. I wrote the cms that runs this site myself and I didn't make allwoances for missing updates so much :)

Thanks for the offer though.
Ultrainventoryour welcome. I don't know much, but if I can help, just ask.


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