Excerpt from "The bestiary of The World That Is" by Wizard Ehm-Al.

When I created my lists of creatures to study, it was with some hesitation that I added Faerie Dragons, and who could blame me: if the stories were true, they were a cross between faeries and dragons (with all the obvious implications) and if they weren't, it would be a wild jabberwock chase. Personally, I believed the whole species a fabrication of somebody who misspelled “fiery dragon” and didn't think I'd ever encounter one.

For the longest time, this was what happened, and in fact I was on the brink of removing them from my lists when I ran into a courting pair in some forested hills (the exact location of which I shall not divulge in order to protect any hunters foolish enough to go after them).

Physical characteristics

The Uncommon Faerie Dragon is about the size of a cat, but slender like a snake. They fly, but their wings look more like tendrils of light and should not provide any lift. The head is very much like a miniature version of the air/fire dragon (Draconis Fuego), except that their eyes do not tear out your soul when looked into. Faerie Dragons glow brightly, which makes it hard to guess their colours, but they seem to go for bright pastels, with especially the fin along their backs being coloured in many shades. Whelps are much smaller than their parents and grow less brightly, presumably to avoid attracting predators. They can be much deeper colours that they seem to be able to change at will.

Social characteristics

As I only encountered one couple, I cannot really speak about the normal group behaviour of these fascinating creatures, however it is clear that they are very social. At first I dismissed their sonorous singing as mere twittering, but it soon became clear that they employ a fully fledged language based on melody. While I was unable to decipher it, I learned enough to guess their mood based on the colour of the music. The parents were very protective of their pair of children, but they seemed to understand that I posed no threat, and after the first few days they would play with me. Both the young ones as their parents struck me as carefree and innocent, like young children.

Other characteristics

Despite their diminutive size, the Faerie Dragons proved adept at defending themselves from danger, sending predators many times their size scurrying for cover on several occasions. They evidenced strong magical ability and great skill in using it. This fits well with some of the legends about them, which state that they were created when the Dragons bred with some unknown Fey. This would mean they are creatures of magic and life, much like pixies which they resemble in their curiosity and playfulness (but, luckily, not their mischievousness).



Faerie Dragons are epic.
Firelanderthey sound cool, i want one


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