Denizens of The World That Is

Inhabitants of The World That Is

Chisel, Anvil and Stone. Thar be dwarves here.
Blue-skinned, half-fey warrior women
Fun-loving fey
Dragons (terrestrial)
Ancient Creatures of Fire
Faerie Dragons
Part Dragon, Part Fey, entirely Magic


bookbookWait a minute! PIxies are part of the World that Is! So are dragons! are you saying that the things i have just mentioned are *sniff* nonexistent?
bookbookOOOOOH! first comment!
ShokBatonHow about Humans?
patchwork zombiewhat about Trolls
Dark Dragonwhat about wizards and endorfus(plural) and goblins and ghosts and stuff?!?
Nebra ReppalkWhy does everyone assume dwarves have a Scottish accent?
KrohCause Dwarves look funny in dresses? (kilts)
KrohWhat about the humans? I imagine that they count as "Denizens of The World That Is"
BurnedMuffinswhat about Dryads
OdinI'm guessing that the page isn't done, but that the obvious and the common will be left out
HamstersEverywhereWell, dwarves are cool, and Celts are cool, so why not?
SquirtSo I know I already asked this on Rhyme's page, but should bards be on here? are they their own species/group?
hailstormyou should make one on UNICORNS


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