Chasing the Sunset
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Marcel says:


A secret prince!

Ngwee says:

My first Post !!

Love this comic - interesting twists and turns all around.

laewen says:

uh, oh, its the furies. how come no one's fried yet?

Mimir says:

Not all is as meets the eye... eh?

kiizu says:

The king's disguise is a bit off.. have you seen any other beggars in pics? :)

Cloudy says:

previous strip, fifth panel; kid by the wall might be one. And people do try not to see beggars, so he really only has to fear the guards. And the other beggars (and maybe criminals).

sjon says:

Panel3: looks like he's squizing Feight

ivellios says:

it's lucky for the noble that leaf found out the begger was the king or very big boom probly not enough for armagaden but enough to make a reasonable crater

Sacrath says:

I was wondering when this comic would get to the P&P storyline.

Tsurwen says:

Awww no Fury Gone Wild action? Darn and here I was with a video camera all set up too..8P Ah well its on standby for whenever they want to come out and play. 8)

Johnny Ancich says:

Nice website. I could use some pointers on how to improve mine!

Johnny Ancich says:

Oh yeah... click my name....

Telerious says:

Hmmm... I wonder how big that crater was going to be too. I wanted to see some explotions but I guess the apearence of him squeezing the life out of Feight is good enough. I really like the look in his eyes in panel 2.

evilangle says:


TeMPest says:

hehe better be careful or they'll sue you for copying aragorn ;)

eekee says:

Interesting. :)

Eraikei W. O. says:

Yeah, I had noticed that it seems like Leaf is slowly but surely crushing Feiht to death. But then again, she would probably wake up, so... Anyway, great comic. Love the artwork! ^_^

Midget says:

I had a strong feeling that beggar was not what he seemed!!! o0o0o...I WAS RIGHT FOR ONCE!!! shinne story!

crazyninny says:

what is leaf holding?

tilyene says:

dude. he looks scary in panel 2. and MUCH older

spider says:

ooooooh. panel three wallpaper, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaase? (limp feiht and all.) Alien draws pretty, ne?

adae says:


I've been in france since the 2nd. Lots to catch up on! (oh I recomended this comic to another person today!)

Sesshi says:

Ooooh, the furies were so close to escaping. Leaf looks somewhat more masculine in this comic ^^;;, also, in panel 4, he looks like something out of a horror movie! Hehe, as always, good comic! T

crazyninny says:

I like this town alot. Seems to be rich in shinys and candy. I like that there is alot of diffrent races here to! Can you tell us about this town?

i_like_shiny_things says:

Leaf looks very kick-butt not-to-be-messed-with in panel 2. B-D

... says:

A prince and a pauper rolled into one.
It's one surprise after the other here.

Bubbles says:

I love the plot!

Bubbles says:

oops...lets try that again...I love the plot

Bubbles says:

It worked! I'm finally getting it!

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

awsome pic of evil leaf

hailstorm says:

Its a princess

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