Geb and The Mount Erac

Geb and The Mount Erac (TME) are two trolls that ambushed Leaf and the rest near a broken bridge in the forest. Things would have gone seriously wrong for Leaf there, if Geb had been more used to normal trolling. You see, though The Mount Erac is a (mostly) standard issue stupid troll, Geb is not.

Geb is a bit (okay, a lot) smarter than your average troll which means that like all creatures that don't quite fit in, he's got a hard time just surviving. When our party met the pair, TME was teaching Geb how to behave like a real troll (and thus get food). However when TME fled from Myhrad, Geb was left to handle things on his own ...

After some talking and running (not necessarily in that order) our friends convinced the big troll (who's got a big heart, but then so do tarrasques and other large carnivores) to try his teeth at vegetarianism.

Geb is very frustrated by the many prejudices and misconceptions people have about trolls. More so because for most trolls they are right and the stupidity of his fellow trolls aggrevates him almost as much. In essence Geb is a big friendly giant who just happens to be a mean hungry troll.

The Mount Erac (called this because he's as big, strong and dumb as an average hill) is in all ways a more average troll than Geb. He's stupid, naive and thinks of litlle but food. His vocabulary is limited to short words and growls.

His main goal is getting fed, but like most trolls he has difficulty catching anything smarter than himself (like elves, dragons, unicorns and the occasional tree). Thus he is forced to feed mostly of humans (which aren't that dumb, they just have silly ideas about courage) which in the elven lands are rare (meaning he doesn't cook them).

In one way TME does differ from the average troll: like Geb he doesn't turn into stone when sunlight hits him.


Mr. Tibblesi love the trolls... they are awesome!


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