Posh party
Chasing the Sunset
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anonymous says:

Feiht sreamed? Does this call for panic, Panic, or PANIC!!!!!!!!?

CloudySky says:

The colors do bring across the party mood quite well, well done!

Mimir says:

Hooray for Feiht, Queen of the pixies!

... until they get bored.

MB says:

Umm ... So can all those people actually see Feiht? I thought most humans couldn't. o_o;

If everyone can see her, what if someone is now trying to feyhandle her into a cage, or do some other horrible thing to her? That wouldn't be good. She may be a roving danger zone, she's still ... nice, in her own way.

eekee says:

Twin marble bubble baths? I want twin marble bubble baths! ^_^; I would be worried for Feight but... you know... :)

Good to see CtS back :)

JonMW says:

Wouldn't it be ironic if feiht wasn't lying... and I'm a little disappointed that Myhrad isn't wearing anything. Oh well, maybe he likes feeling free.

... says:

Posh? Pixie On a Social High! ;-)

i_like_shiny_things says:

Welcome back, Mith and Alien! I love the bright colors in this storyline, but I have to say concerning Feiht's dress...
Fashion. Disaster. Ayne, on the other hand, looks mawvelous.

I'm thinking the king got hold of our pixie friend, though, hence the screaming.

Moonclaw says:

Wow, Feiht is not acting normal, but I like her outfit. Very funny, I wonder what's Feiht's problem is...

Michelle says:


... says:

is it just me or does the background in the last three panals keep chainging?

Lee says:

Twin marble bubble baths? I can't even SAY "tein marble bubble baths"!!!

Lee says:

And obviously I can't write it either.

Phoebe says:

And so it begins... The eight minute war.

Squeakers says:

EEP!!! No she has to be ok!!!!

Arithonn says:

Ayane: here (insert dragon's name. Sorry I forgot it and I usually have good memory)
Dragon: Hey this is only five dollars it is supposed to be ten.
Leaf: What are you two doing
Ayane: I betted that the act would only last 2 seconds. He said five.
Leaf: Betting on a pixies attention span that is low.
(Leaf walks over to the king.)
Leaf: here is the ten dollars we betted.
King:Thank you
Ayane&dragon: Aha!

Kitten says:

Feith looks really cute with that dress, and I love her small glasses ^_^

MB says:


MB says:

Feiht COULD be nobility, but as chaotic as pixie society is and considering their apparent lack of homes ... how would anyone ever know? And what use would she have for servants? Of course I may be completely wrong.

JonMW says:

As I think of this more and more, the possibility that Feiht is telling the truth seems more and more likely. They probably have a complex social ladder of some sort, and since even the lowest of the low can cause almost any mischief with their magic, they wouldn't mind being on the bottom of the classes.
Perhaps they reason that a culture with more tiers of social classes is better. Maybe it is. Most of the differences between classes would probably be limited to changes in title, by my guesses.

Reinder says:

Of course, they'd all have silly titles that would change all the time. She'd be Countess of Lost-Raffia one moment and Algebraess of HeyWhatsThatOohShiny the next.

Pixie Slayer says:

Of course the background keeps changing for the last three panels. The threesome are walking! Note Myhad's leg position in panel five.

Good work, Mith and Alien! Yet another excellent piece!

Flora says:

I love how the statue behind them is pointing in feiht's direction.

remmon says:

I suspect pixie involvement in the placement of that statue!

Arithon says:

I think you are right remmon for how else would it be pointing at her.

Bastet says:

If her sevant had 2 marble bubble baths and servants, why would they be a servant?

Bubbles says:

Who's Ladycynthia in that ? bubble?

Black*magic*girl says:

she look nice in the dress

TheNextTaggerung says:

Feiht's dress looks kind of like a modified beach ball.

hailstorm says:


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