Making a Magister
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

Soooo... Malvenicus is a magister?


Okay, I must ask. What's a magister? Is a magister Malvenicus?

Chariset says:

"My house. My rules. If you don't like it, walk about three feet west..."

I think he's supposed to be evil, but I'm starting to like this guy

Winterbay says:

He is somewhat funny in his persistance with that thunder...
Also I now want a drink called Krakatoww, I wonder what it would contain. I hop eit is non-alchoholic because otherwise I do not really want it.

Torjin says:

Did Leaf just set his cloak on fire? Pity it does not rain when you say that name...

bluemeadows says:

ooo he can control the fire have i been asleep when did that happen??? fav pannel 3 evil looking leaf!!

bluemeadows says:

oops i mean four!!

Lindale says:

I love the last panel XD

Mithandir says:

Bluemeadow: It's been a while, first shown in Comic #433

Osk says:

Feith made a deal with the furies and now he has a sort of control. If that isnt troublesome, i dont know what is

lnp4668 says:

Some how I see malvenicus as short, green and pointy ears :P

Someguy says:

It doesn't appear that he set his cloak on fire, more like he can't put his fiery hand out.
"Look what I can do!" *hand ignites*
"That's awesome! ... um you can put it out now..."
"I'm trying!!!" *flails hands around wildly* "AHHHH!"

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hmm, so the alt-text says that LEGOs make a magister.

Hey, I have LEGOs.

TL Wyvren says:

Funny thing is... Magister is just Latin for 'teacher'

Mabye Leaf has to teach some one?...

Arya says:

Ohh, I didn't know he could do that on a whim. I thought he could only do that when he was angry.
Nebra Reppalk:
I have LEGOs too!
(Am not stalking you, just agreeing.)

CtS Fan says:

His eyes are different colors! But I think somebody pointed that out already.

Prior Semblance says:

My eyes are different colors too =o

hkmaly says:

Mimir, TL Wyvren, Winterbay:
Funny thing is we already talked about "What is magister" a few strips back (it's an academic title in europe). Somewhere around the strip where Malvenicus (kra-ka-toww !) explained that he is not able turn that thunder thing off.

InBetween says:

hmmm... Now that you mention it, i also would like to order a krakatowww...

Tonic says:

Hmm.. maybe the "magister" can teach them how to make a krakatoww?

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Of course, I could always carefully hunt down Malvenicus (kra-ka-toww), lock him in a room with a pixie for fifteen minutes, then let him out and tell him I'll let him make me a magister if I feel merciful. Ooh, alliteration!!!!!

Skreyola says:

So far, everyone's said or shouted it... does the crack of doom sound softer if they whisper it?

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think that if we were to make a drink called "Krakatowww" it would be some sort of concoction consisting of several energy drinks and, based on the resident population, a rather high sugar content. Maybe we'd be able to devise such a drink. Anyone know how to mix drinks?

Pulsy says:

Nebra: i think it involves pouring them into the same glass or bowl then stirring or shaking... but how can we be sure #.#

bluemeadows says:

thanks mith awww he was so sad in that strip

Chariset says:

A Kra-ka-towww would have Blue Curacao in it, of course. And probably something green and something gold to match his eyes. Crown Royal and Creme de Menthe?

TL Wyvren says:

Ah, thank you hkmaly. I suppose I should read comments more often :)

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

A Krakatoww would also contain Redbulls and Monster.

Silverwolf says:

IMAGE does a magister make.

aj26 says:

Malenicus has one gold eye and one green eye.

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