Chapter 17
Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

More pixies. Is Feiht among them?

Katkinkate says:

More fairies!!! But no Feiht. :( I miss Feiht.

Sir Gawain says:

I doubt we've seen the last of her...

Time Traveler says:


Chariset says:

Look how blue Ayne is! And I'm guessing the return of Feiht will happen very, very soon.

Osk says:

trouble follows them around on silent feet, er, wings. Though it rarely stays silent for long with pixies around

TomaO2 says:

Leaf forgot to recover the staff. With that many pixies around, he's not going to hang on to it for much longer if he doesn't correct that situation.

Sir Gawain says:

Hi, Time Traveler! What news of the future?

Winterbay says:

Best alt-text in a while :)

Veloxyll says:

Ayne is obviously more blue because they recently fell in the water and some of the blue rubbed off on her.

Also hello Time Travller!

Pulsy says:

Omg look at the army of pixies! The chase eh? ... it kind of looks like our gang is being chased by hoardes of pixies! Also, by a squirrel, but i don't think that's the reference...

Lightning says:

Yeah, i gotta say this is the best alt text in a long time :P

Baldric says:

Very nice pic ! I really love this forest and our three heroes look very good too !

While I like Feiht, the comics has sometimes focused a bit too much on her antics, so I think it's not a bad thing for her to be absent for a while.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

YAY Faerie Pranks! Yay Chases! Chases are exciting. I like them. :D

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Oh yeah, and Excellent job on the trees and the baby trees in this frame.

Other Time Traveller says:

Yeah hi. I just stopped by to say sorry about next week.

Tensko says:

Ayne is probably getting more blue because she is an amazon...( is it me or is their gear getting a little tired looking)

Sitara says:

Oh no, pixies!

I predict that this will be an extra interesting chapter.

Cello-Playing Mathematician says:

Oh, wow, Ayne is soooo blue now. I wonder why Leaf hasn't noticed yet? :) Great chapter page I love all the mushrooms.

Leinad says:

very good page. i especially liked the 'tatters' on Ayne's shoes. nice detail there.

Time Traveler says:

Two words: pixies rewrite the rules of math.

Yumi says:

This comic is awesome keep it up ^-^

I'm totally addicted now though, I love seeing Feiht on her seahorse

Osk says:

it's not like pixies are good at chasing, they get distracted at the beginning

hkmaly says:

Why do you think Leaf hasn't noticed ? He noticed, but is afraid to say something :-)

firelander says:

the pixies are kinda obvious, but what is that bird on the left

Winterbay says:

Oh and that rabbit is trying to run away. Nothing that has tried to run has ever been innocent... (or so I've heard...)

Hakkai says:

I also noticed how blue she was becoming!

Also I think i found all 15 differences was there a map to see if I was right?

Firelander says:

winterbay, what would you do with pixies behind you?

Lyth says:

I don't think those are pixies.

CyberSkull says:

She's turning bluer and bluer.

CoolHandNuke says:

Oh such cute pixies!

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