We cannot pa- oh never mind.
Chasing the Sunset
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Black Mantha says:

Find the pixie.

Winterbay says:

Poor Balrog, I hope he gets better soon. Also great comic yet again )

Osk says:

"please lock the door behind you and try not to wake anything else with your death screams"

Chariset says:

It's sort of like there's a Common Sense Ball and they're just passing it back and forth.

And Leaf misses another chance to make a fiendishly clever device to overcome adversity. Poor kid.

Darius Drake says:

How will they lock the door on the other side?

Alric says:

Shouldn't the last panel be "made to keep things out rather than us in"?

Alric says:

Nice "comic within a comic" ;)

Alric says:

Tug of war between Sohac and Feiht, who wins? Sohac has the necklace, but Feiht has the bag!

Lee says:

Typical. Those pixies are playing in the gutter again.

distantvoices says:

Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Leaf, whither lookest thou? Gotta cling my stummick due to laughing. ^^

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, it's usually not a good sign when you find a door designed to keep things in rather than out.

Krenn says:

those ingredients would produce what... something similiar to greek fire?

margaretmay says:

this reminds me of that Chasing The Sunset Character Study: Encountering a Door black and white filler that they did quite a while back.

no one says:

feight is in the photo yeah

Stickmaker says:

Does that sign on the door say "For service ring bell."?

Amagica says:

The magnifier isn't showing up for me so I can't see the pixies. :(

Golux says:

"Keep things in rather than us out" I remember a story about a character called Wonko the Sane. His house had a wall around it with a gate. The sign by the gate had an arrow pointing through and lettering that said "Outside the Asylum". I think this is one of those instances.

eekee says:

I was going to say about in and out, I dont' think Ayne's looked through the door she just opened, which strikes me as surprisingly Leaf-like. XD

Golux said it better though.

taltamir says:

she got it backwards, keep things out rather than in.

Mithandir says:

Actually she got it right, the door is to keep thing IN the valley of fairies.

hkmaly says:

Isn't it normal for doors to have bolts on inside? (I mean "inside" from point of view of mountain, not from point of view of Fae Valey which Ayne seems to be using ...)

Alric says:

You really think a door is going to keep things "in" the Valley of Fairies?

Hornet says:

Reminds me of something an ex-girlfriend said.
"lock are not to keep bad people out but to keep loved ones in."

OWK says:

Wonko the Sane, the person with the house inside the wall and the "asylum" as the outside world was in Adam's _So Long And Thanks For All the Fish_. He was the one who knew what had happened to all the dolphins.

CoolHandNuke says:

The improvement on the art is really amazing. The writing's as funny as ever xD

Pulsy says:

I think taltamir has a point, seeing that "in" usually means "indoors", which would probably be the mines in this case. On the other hand if "in" means "in the valley" it makes sense as well.

taltamir says:

well, if it was in the valley you would need a WALL not a single door.

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