She's Back!
Chasing the Sunset
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distantvoices says:

*lol* the joy of reunition is really at bay - one dragon 's got a really baaaad feeling here.

Osk says:

one dragon, 2 elves and all of us. spotted any fairies yet?

Firelander says:

She just couldn't stay quiet, now could she

hkmaly says:

Did Leaf ever mention to Feiht he is _Fallen_ Leaf ?

Chariset says:

Ayne's desire to make Feiht look foolish won out over her common sense, apparently.

Mad_Man says:

There's a Fairy Ring in the 1st and 5th panels

elexti says:

Pixie glomp! :D

Herrenna die Hennahaarige says:

What happened with Myhrads head in the 5th panel? He looks so flat...

Pulsy says:

Wow, pixie impact in the 6th panel! Either Feiht is heavier then i expected, or Leaf is lighter ... Probably both. Ayne better do the trick with the water balloon while Feiht isn't looking yes, otherwise we could be in serious trouble here.

Falai says:

It's about time she confused Leaf with a real Leaf...

Jindra34 says:

Wow thats a high strength to weight ratio Feight has. And put me in the group that asks what Ayn was thinking. Unless she was thinking Feiht could be a guide.

Ford Prefect says:

Aww, how cute, Feight is giving Leaf killer hugs!

Sasha says:

Okay...why would Ayne want to get Feiht's attention at all? Hehehe, I would've just snuck off!

-Norbert- says:

"spotted any fairies yet?"
No! Because there is "nothing to see here"! ;)

Winterbay says:

The speed of Feiht must be rather high if she can get Leaf flying... That or Leaf has a very bad sense of balance...

Jaid says:

I expect feiht is precisely as heavy as she feels like being at any given moment in time. which means that if you were to graph her weight, it would probably look kinda like a sine wave that got hit with a hammer whilst being welded to 5 other non-euclidean objects simultaneously, and the best you can do is work out her average weight over a given period of time...

Golux says:

Wow, body check by a pixie. She must have a way of spreading the force, or else there's the danger she could fly right through him.

Nathan R. says:

*bursts out laughing* "Leave it to a pixie to go for the wrong lead as a first choice"

Neko says:

Good thing Leaf's name wasn't Dragon or
And Myhrad's face is FUNNY in the 5th panel xD
Great comic, as always.

Shadow says:


Osk says:

Have a head full o' dandruff!

Adreanna says:

That really made me laugh. Great description!

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

The pixie on the swing is simply adorable =)

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

And for that matter, Feiht's slight error in which type of leaf she was searching.

AdTheRat says:

The scales.. is a bit wrong the necklace keeps changing size.. but then, I guess this is pixie magic influences over the necklace. I would of imagined the necklace to be around about the size of her forearm. It seems too small to be worth wearing around his neck if it was that small o_O. Just a nickpit. PIXIES!

l says:

you can also see a bit of the fairy ring behind feiht in the secon panel, and in the corner of the third.

Because pixie magic is exactly what they believe it to be, she probably imagined that she would bowl leaf over with her hug, and, lo and behold, she did. Or something... meh.

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Pixie tackles!

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