Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

The desire to hide from Ayne is probably a sign of sentience.

Chariset says:

Oh, and I hope you're feeling better, Alien

caribet says:

hope the new page is a sign you're both feeling better ... with or without help from Feiht(!)

Alric says:

Light Bubbles!

TomaO2 says:

Hey... What happened to Elf night vision?

Anakha says:

its worth than their Day Vision?
However, good you´re back on track!
Anbd woe to the poor monsterBeast trying to eat Feiht.....

Winterbay says:

Eating Feiht would be an interesting experince I think... :)
Also, the strongest person should carry more so it is ok, by me at least, that Ayne carries everything since Leaf is small and weak...

EcchiKitty says:

Thinking Ayne is good to eat is indeed not a good survival trait. But such informatioin isn't likely to be known by the average predator. Just hope she lets a few get away to spread the word...

Dungeon&Dragons NERD says:

elves don't have night vision. they have low light vivion they can see farther then humans in darkness, doesn't mean they can see everything in the dark of night. Oh and if any creature aproaches them with feiht back in action, then may whatever god they orship have mercy on their souls, cause fieht sure won't.

eekee says:

uh-oh what's Feiht cooking up?

Sitara says:

I'm glad Alien is feeling better. Gorgeous comic as usual.

Skreyola says:

Hehehe... love it!
Yeah, anything that sees Feiht (not to mention Ayne) will probably think twice about attacking them... and you should always know where your pixie is, for safety's sake.

Azrael says:

I just noticed... where's Leaf's staff?

wierdo says:

Feight was eaten once already, and I would say it was a rather surreal experience for the eater.

hkmaly says:

Also, they already put Feiht on guard once :-).

Pulsar says:

nice coloring on this one. Nightly colors and yet everything is still visible to the reader :D
Feiht seems to really light up too, very nice ^^
By the way, i'll go translate the spellcasting later, need to get to work now :P

Osk says:

eaten once (by a dragon), never forgotten
"what is wrong dear?"
- "I think my food doesnt agree with me."


SHINYLIGHTSNOW ... odd, i would have expected shinylightsHow, it doesn't

Pulsar says:

seem very snowy...

Nathan R. says:

I don't think Feiht is the most intimidating to predators.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

You used the word "Meh" in Panel 1!!!! HURRAH FOR MEH! MEH! MEHMEHMEHMEH!
(Sorry... I've been a fan of the word meh since before it was actually a word.)
Feiht is very scary...

hkmaly says:

The comics Ayne and Leaf left Feiht guarding is #385. In their defense, it was mentioned it was because they were too tired.

hailstorm says:

i wonder what colour ayne whould turn if she was eaten

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