Species Alchemy
Chasing the Sunset
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simon_w says:

Feiht is trying to be like Leaf?

Odofitzg says:

The faerie dragon looks a little taken aback, but not frightened, so maybe all will be well.

Nah... Feiht is involved.

Pulsy says:

Hehehe even the faerie dragon looks like "omg why me?" when it sees Feiht :D

Sioda Schneider says:

poor fey dragon, will it escape feigts clutches?

Firelander says:

The magic of a dragon and a pixie togheter, everybody RUN.

pathanos says:

My PRESIOUS [spelling]

Professor Rowan says:

Sorry, Feight, but the dragon looks more interested in Myrhad.......

EcchiKitty says:

Poor Leaf. He needed a *bigger* dragon.....

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Yeah, I really want a Faerie Dragon too..... And really really nice job with all the shading and shadows for these night-time strips!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Faerie Dragon, you can hide with me as long as you want! ... of course- you can probably fry Feith, too...

CRaebild says:

The fearie dragon can probably also outfly Feith, from what we saw in strip #457

Really pretty, though, and it does look apprehensive about Feith, so I wonder what will happen...

hkmaly says:

#457 - Dwarven Escort Service? I don't see anything about Feiht's speed there ...

This is very tense ... and Ayne and Leaf seems to end as viewers :-)

Baldric says:

I really like how the faery dragon looks !

CRaebild says:

Sorry that should have read strip #587. I don't know how that type happened.

l says:

It dosn't really matter too much, I think... i rmemeber that pixies are limited only by what they beleive, such as the fact that they don't believe in gravity allows them to fly or somthing. Maybe, if Fehit belieed she was faster, she would be faster (but I don't believe she is that smart).

... I wonder what the limit of pixie magic is? (if I am correct about the stuff before).

hkmaly says:

l: Yes, pixies are limited only by what they believe. Therefore they can fly, because they have wings - no flapping or boring stuff like the correct size of wings in proportion to mass is needed, because pixies don't believe in that. They think that they have wings and therefore can fly and so they can.

Of course Feiht could be faster if she thinks she is. Also, she can teleport.

Relevant comics are #359, #360, #363.

... says:

I ca haz faerie dwagon?

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