Faeries Lost
Chasing the Sunset
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Lindale says:

Wow, first?

Anyway, I wondered when they would get back to the main plot. I enjoy all the adventures they're having, but I sometimes forget why they're travelling in the first place ^^;

Pulsy says:

Love Aynes expression in the 5th panel! :D

Odo says:

Hmmm... I smell Time Travel...

Or maybe it's just the stench of "Coincidence" (a legitimate (but somewhat overused) literary technique).

Interesting that Ayne would excuse herself and Leaf from being 'taken home'.

hkmaly says:

Fresh track? I mean, if that human saw his father and is still alive, that pretty fresh, isn't it?

Rose says:

Yay! We're getting closer to Leaf's dad!

linna says:

They spent time with the fae, of course they lost a few years.

Pulsy says:

Oh no! they're coming close to Leafs dad... that means the comic is getting closer to its ultimate end o.O Nooooo!!!

I'm secretly hoping this is one of those "we need to reach our destination but we never will because then the story would be over" series.

demodude says:

But there's still the journey back... hmmmm I wonder what Leaf's father will be like the only sane man or just as crazy as the rest.

Rock says:

Hey, this is potentially great news! While it would of course be sad for there to be no more CtS, it would be wonderful to see Leaf fulfil his quest.

Irish Drinker says:

I must say, I would be sad to see the series end, however who says it must? I mean, leaf can find his father, and then if I remember right, Leaf stated he would go to the Dragonlands to find Myrids parents or something of that sort...
So, even if this adventure is over, more await on the horizon!

Irish Drinker says:

Errr Myhrad even :P

Odo says:

I don't think this is anything close to the end of CtS. The man may have seen Leaf's father, but I doubt that he knows where Leaf's father is *now*. This just gets them back on track.

Even if they finally find Leaf's father, there is still the matter of the Furies and Ayne's blue skin -- the adventures will continue as long as our author and artist want to continue it.

Rose says:

Oh I'm all for a long and awesome story, but I'm sure hoping this will one day have an ending... I hate neverending stories, it's like their destinies were never fulfilled :(

Toomz says:

Look at it this way, if they finish this story they can start something new.

Caribet says:

Happy News! -- and a lovely comic

that guy again says:

If they finish their quest and head back home, they will have to start a new comic called Chasing The Sunrise.

"So you're not with them because you have pointy ears? Guess that dog isn't with them either then."
"No no, that's the boy's pet!"
"Okay, let's try that again..."

Rose says:

Haha - chasing the sunrise! I'm all up for it :D

Watsuki says:

Just because they find his dad does not neccessarily... necessarily... whatever. It doesn't HAVE to mean the storie's over, as others have pointed out. Perhaps HE'S on a quest, eh? And they have to join him? Ah, who knows. Speculation is fun, right? That's one of the joys of reading someone else's writing, only they know for sure what's going on. Although I would be sad if it ended, after all, alien and mith have kept me and plenty of others entertained for months with this, and no one likes to see a good thing end.

Firelander says:

You forget one thing, after finding leaf's dad they would also go for Myrads dad.

hkmaly says:

Well ... and after finding Leaf's dad and Myhrad's parents, they can go search for Leaf's mother. Yes, I know she's dead, but remember that they will have a LOT of experience then ...

Watsuki says:

Hk, I don't think they plan to run this like d&d... they're not getting "level ups," in cleric so they can raise people. At least, I don't think so. Then again, what do I know?

Ultrainventor says:

someone who saw leaf's dad! it's about time.

ultrainventor says:

...... i did it again. i stated something others have noticed. i don't want the series to end. but as others have pointed out, there are other objectives that they have to meet

sister says:

sister says:

Lots of love and hugs! Let's do a new braveness course next time we meet ;)

craebild says:

Now, why did the human patrol leader not notice that Ayne and Leaf has pointed ears before he was told by Ayne ?

And why did he not notice that Ayne has blue skin and carries a longbow ?

As a third question, where did Myhrad go ?


Watsuki:I've ment more something like greece heroes - going into underworld and so ...

craebild: Because he didn't really looked at them before. Also was little far away ...

l says:

For those who are worried about things ending, I believe there is hope. Now, the slavers tend to take children. Also, the man who saw Leaf's father is somewhat older than a child. Note the grey hair. Therefore, it would make sense if the man who saw Leaf's father has been a slave for awhile before helping with the rebellion. That would mean that, while he has seen Leaf's father, and he is alive, it would still have been a long time ago that he had seen Leaf's father. So, instead of having a way to get right to leaf's father, they just have a signal that they are on the right track if they are, new directions if they are on the wrong track, and maybe a slight indication of where Leaf's father may have been headed at the time which the man had seen him, which would still have been a long time ago. And that is only if the man even knows. He just said that he saw one who looked like Leaf. He may have just seen him in the distance, once, or they met for a minute or two, or Leaf's father could have been a slaver for a time (I sure hope not). It could have not been Leaf's father at all, but just an elf that looked like Leaf. Also, any number of magical happenings could have happened, like random teleportations, or posessions (just look what happened to Leaf!), or dragon attacks (sorry Myhrad). Maybe he was saying that the elf looked like Anne, despite leaf's comment. And maybe the elf he saw was a girl. Maybe Leaf looks like a girl, to him.
That isn't even thinking about if Leaf's father doesn't want to be found. Maybe he is hiding from something, or even Leaf? Speaking of hiding, I believe Myhrad is still hiding up that slope or cliff Leaf and Anne jumped down.

Well, I kinda got carried away with all these possibilities, and while there are many more, I will leave it at that. Al I am really trying to say is that just because there is a person who saw an elf that looked like Leaf (or Anne) doesn't mean that the story is going to end any time soon. And I am sure that by the time they do find his father, if they ever do, Alien and Mithander will have another perfectly good plot planned, or have a reason to stop.

l says:

Wow... sorry bout length. Wasn't thinking about space... :(

hkmaly says:

Maybe Leaf's father looked like a girl to him too :-)

Phenoca says:

Plotpoint! Or do all elves just look the same to humans..?

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