Chapter image: Feiht's Fate
Chasing the Sunset
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thome523 says:

no do not give feint a vuvusalar it would dive every one insane

Lindale says:

I love all the different Feihts!
And I don't think we have to worry about Feiht with a vuvuzela - she'd probably get bored of the noise and make it produce shinies instead :D

simon_w says:

Free shines? You're sure this is the same Feiht?

Pulsy says:

Omg ahahahahaha!!! Each Feiht is funnier then the last :D The ones in the top right that are posing as Ayne, Leaf and even Myhrad, LOL!!! XD

Rose says:

Whoop whoop! This's gunna be a chapter full of sillies and pranks! I love it!

Antonymous says:

I like the one making handprints on the fourth wall.

Darius Drake says:

You know, I think that, since Pixies in this don't care about rules, this could actually happen WITHOUT Feiht copying herself. She just needs to go to go back in time to the same time a bit.

Of course, it might take too much concentration for her to do so.

gene-o says:

Is it Feiht's Fate to have children just like her self?

Ultrainventor says:

what happened to the big feiht's wings?

Golux says:

A pixie being annoyed by pixies, now will she remember it all?

Watsuki says:

I like the two pixies trying to steal the cloth with the picture of the cup and jewels, while another feiht on the left is flying off with an ACTUAL cup of jewels... nice touch :D

Kaiou says:

My favortie is the peacock Feiht. Love this picture.

Ultrainventor says:

BWAHAHAHA! did anyone else notice the feiht about to cut the rock climbing feiht's rope? you almost have to use the magnifier to see it clearly.

Ultrainventor says:

oh, and the free shinies feiht is about to tape that sign to one of the other feiht's back. that is more like the Feiht that we know.

Rock says:

How odd... Feiht is a faerie, when all is said and done, so... Might the large Feiht be the essential Feiht, and all the little ones her avatars, sent out to experience life innocently so she does not get bored wherever she is?
I know, it's a stretch.

Iceea says:

Will it be Feiht's fate to get people sized and be her usual ADHD self but with out the magic? Now that would be strange. Just what Ayne and Leaf need to fill out their party!

that guy again says:

That sounds feihtful. Let's hope it isn't feihtal.

l says:


As pixies are naturally beings of chaos, ... etc. etc. -long explanation- ... Urpixie... blah blah blah... it does make sense. not that pixies would make sense, usually

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