Split corporeality
Chasing the Sunset
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Winterbay says:

Aww blank page is sad :(


"We have no magic so we can't split" :-). Another proof that she DO in fact have all her magic and only convinces herself that she has not ...

Rock says:

This is... an interesting development. I wonder which facet of Feiht will win out in the end.

Winterbay says:

Yay! The comic is here and a good and confusing one too... Looking forward to seeing how this develops and also to the big news...

Darius Drake says:

She can exist. It's the other one who's likely to stop existing. Also, I thought that at least one of the Feiht's would have been able to see that she would have had to have her magic still. I mean, she IS a being made pretty much entirely out of magic!

Alric says:

A pixie can do whatever they imagine / believe they can do :)

Rose says:

I thought I was the only one that did that *angelface* Go Feiht's! We'll kick the crap out of laws of physics, *and* those of magic! (Laws of logic have already gone to meet their maker.)

l says:

I wonder... if pixie magic bends the laws of reality to serve their beliefs (flying, splitting etc.), and Feiht believes she has no magic, then why would she still have magic? wouldn't her magic destroy itself in making itself work, therefore leaving her without magic, as she believes? If her very existence is based on her state of mind and beliefs, it would make senseif that would happen... but I suppose it would be counteractive in the end.

Baldric says:

Although Feiht has always been funny, I'm glad to see her finally receive some character development. It's a good idea and the execution should be very interesting.

Alexdarkangel says:

I can just picture Myhrad, Ayne and Leaf sitting just out of frame watching this breakdown and trying not to start laughing.

hkmaly says:

l: I suppose there are limits to what laws of reality can be bend.

Pulsy says:

But if she knows she doesn't have magic, then how did she split ... ? Unless she has magic even if she thinks she doesn't, but then isn't she supposed to magically magic her magic away? ... This is obviously too complicated for human brains...

Lecs says:

Problem is, people keep trying to apply logic to this. Completely against the grain here, not to mention a good way to have your brain melt out through your ears.

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