Chasing the Sunset
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Xyzima says:

Maybe if shes up high enough and hits someone she'll act like a penny dropped from the empire state building

Andy W says:

If a penny falls from the Empire State building, and no-one is around... does it still scream on the way down? ;-)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Honestly, all that has to happen is for Feiht to get distracted at the last moment before hitting the ground. Which is likely considering she's easily distracted. Then she'll just forget about gravity and begin flying.

crazyone says:

yay hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy reference. plus when a penny is dropped from the Empire state building(ESB) its max or terminal velocity is not enough for it to break bone or side walk., but it dosn't even hit the ground, the ESB's updrafts stop the penny's from hitting the ground.

HappyThoughts says:

So there are hundreds of pennies floating in the air around the ESB? Surely they hit the ground eventually.

Rock says:

Feiht still doesn't have a proper handle on her situation. She shouldn't worry about being dropped from a great height; that kind of death, while extremely frightening, should be fairly immediate. Being dropped into a hungry raptor's nest and hacked apart for the enjoyment of its chicks would be far more agonizing.

Tangent says:

Actually, as small as she is, she won't hit nearly as hard as a human would. Of course, she might very well still die, but if she lands in snow or through a tree she could survive. ^^;;

Rose says:

Yeah, I agree. It's the BIRD I'm worried about. What's it doing? Trying to fly her to it's nest to feed to the youngsters? I'm telling you, that bird's a killer! :O

rose says:

did anyone notice that she is getting more logical? its kind of unsettling, she should be waving her hands in the air yelling "wheeeee" (i didn't spell that right and i don't care:p )

Old Codger says:

A mouse, dropped from any height at all, won't die from the fall; it probably won't even be hurt. Feiht looks about the size of a mouse. . .

Bob says:

Actually, I've been told by people who do demos with real eagles, falcons, owls, etc, that birds of prey have enough strength in their talons to crush bones in a human hand, let alone a dinky little pixie. Of course, using pixie logic, since said pixie probably doesn't know that it probably doesn't matter. ;D

Rock says:

If the raptor -is- taking Feiht to its nest to feed its young, it won't want to crush her anyway. Live prey that can still move is a good lesson for the young.

Nobody says:

The updrafts around skyscrapers blow things back into the buildings so a coin dropped from the top will land on a lower roof section.

Mythbusters has already shown on live human test subjects that a penny at terminal velocity hurts a lot but won't break the skin.

Lindale says:

I agree Rose, normal Feiht wouldn't be thinking logically enough to be worried ...but I guess normal Feiht would have turned the bird into something rainbow-coloured with sparkles by now... :P

Alric says:

No one caught on that Feiht believes she is mortal now? That's probably the worst thing a pixie can believe as pixie belief is reality!!!

Unknown says:

They once tried to drop a dollar from the ESB to see if it would hurt people...
Didn't work, the bill flew away...

Someone Unspecific says:

Has anyone noticed that Feight is using words that inply that she remembers her past sooooo.... APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!

hkmaly says:

Nobody: Was these human subjects truly volunteers?

taltamir says:

Actually, due to terminal velocity, the smaller you are the safer a large fall becomes. A roach or a spider can fall from low orbit and be completely unharmed due to their low terminal velocity.

hkmaly says:

taltamir: That depends on weight of their space suit. If they have none, they would be already dead on the low orbit anyway.

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