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hkmaly says:

Would this "is it feith-powered apocalypse now or still only upload error" repeat often?

Alric says:

I think we're just browsing :p

Xyzima says:

Fenic Fox! FTW

hkmaly says:

Do feith really make universe a bit smaller or do she make herself bigger? Wait ... aren't those actually same things considering there is no outside reference for universe size?

hkmaly says:

Hmmm .... six?

Alric says:

Think the perfect animal is a pub / cub / youngster.

Watsuki says:

What a cute... what is that, exactly? A fox pup? Cute anyways.

Alric says:

I'm going to say it's a fennec :p

Xyzima says:

psh. i spelt it wrong. but knew what it was. although why a desert dwelling bug eating animal is in the woods.
Feihts imagination?

Pulsy says:

Wohoow! Mini game!!! So worth the wait! :D

=== Spoilers below here btw!! ===

Let's see... I spotted:
- Mosaic in panel 2 and 5,
- Opera in panel 2 (a REALLY small opera singer on a white panel, or, quite possible too: i'm seeing things that aren't there),
- Chrome (material the orb is made from?) in panel 2
- Cello in panel 2,
- Arachne (spider) in panel 3,
- Netscape (the wheel thingy symbol) in panel 4,
- Lynx in panel 6,
- (Fire)fox in panel 7,

I think i missed a couple too... 8-legged horse, weasel thingy, building with a monster face on it ... /clueless

Then some related things i found:
- Thunderbird emailclient in panel 1
- Trident browser layout thingy in panel 4, 5 and 6

So, how close am i?

Earl of Purple says:

The eight-legged horse would be Sleipnir, named after Odin's horse and the Norse father of all horses. Also, Gecko in panel 2. Although I might be making the last one up.

Prior Semblance says:

A weird building in the middle of no where surrounded by animals.

Winterbay says:

That does look like a gecko to me so that would probably work.

Osk says:

very very cute and funny

Rhrobinson1 says:

not a browser but the in panel 2 the goat on the sea of blue, goatse?

Darius Drake says:

I wonder what would happen if she made the universe TOO much smaller? I mean, what if she made it so that she was normal size? All the other pixies would hate her for doing that, wouldn't they?

Sheela says:

oh my god .. Feith + a Fennec Fox ?

Fennec foxes might be the only thing in the universe that are more enegetic that Feith herself !
If her aim was to get a fast mount, then job well done !!
Unfortunately, it's more likely to run in circles, than in a straight line.

Oh, and Neptuns Trifork in frame 4 & 5. :)

Pulsy says:

Omg goatse? i kinda hope that's just you seeing that, cuz that's a pretty sick reference :P

Ultrainventor says:

nice, but something is bugging me. if that is a fox in frame 7, then I must share this bit of trivia.

Foxes are closer related to cats than dogs. they can retract their claws.

Mithandir says:

Pulsy (and others): I can assure you that we would never intentionally include a reference to anything even remotely like that in the strip.

jlh says:

@ Ultrainventor - sorry but your trivia is in err. Foxes and dogs share the same Family - Canidae. That's a step closer than the relation of either to cats of any sort which is at the Order - Carnivora. (Cats are in the Family - Felidae).

Pulsy says:

Good! Let's just keep it at Rhrobinson1 having a twisted mind then :)
I conpletely missed that gecko btw... /slap self !

Ultrainventor says:

any chance that it was labeled as a dog before they decided what makes a dog and a cat? kind of like how they named a blueberry a blueBERRY before they decided that it makes a berry and a fruit different. they were labled as dogs because they looked like dogs, not because of biological similarities. they are closer to cats, they just haven't changed that mistake. the bearcat is labled as a carnivore, but it eats alot of plants in captivity. blueberries are fruits, not berries, because their seeds are on the inside.

I'm just saying that you can't trust outdated labels. they are based on looks, not true facts. not even the "Scientific" classifications are entirely accurate, hence the bearcat. the biggest difference between cats and dogs are the claws. foxes and cats can retract their claws to stalk more silently, dogs, cheetahs, and other true canines can't.

yes, I said "cheetahs"

Forewarned76 says:

Feiht is Fennicy

Pulsy says:

so... cheetahs are dogrelated? o.O
we're going horribly off topic here btw

Alien says:

Cheetahs don't have retractable claws, that's why they're lumped in with dogs.
Don't worry about going off-topic, we do love rampant commenting even if it's about kittycats.
There are still a small heap yet to be found, mind.

Kymation says:

Weasel => Iceweasel or Swiftweasel (a Firefox clone)
The web => Webkit (a rendering engine like Gecko and Trident)
Sleipnir => web browser.
Fennec => browser for mobile devices.
The spider could also be Lycos, or any search engine spider for that matter. Not really browsers, so I'm probably wrong here.
Maybe the antelope-like mosaic is Safari? I'm stretching for that one.

My knowledge of web browsers appears to be inadequate, since I can't figure out the rest.

Pulsy says:

Ack so we're not done looking yet! Ehhh, i always use crack-in-the-stairs-browser for my email and uhhhhh poisonous-mushroom to download scientific papers! yesyes, really ... those were the ones missing right? ... o.O ... O.o ... /hide

Kymation says:

I so need that poisonous-mushroom browser....

Ultrainventor says:

I was told that I realy do have ADHD by a doctor... it explains alot. especialy the fact that I keep going off of topic. also, is the fox firefox? or has that been brought up already?

Ultrainventor says:

I also see:
an arachnid,
a bobcat,
a bird, falling to the ground,
a big guy with a chello, or some kind of string insterment that I can't spell,
a gecko,
a trident that probably belongs to Neptune (or Posidon, in greek mythology),
a goat like thing that reminds me of a kelbi from Monster Hunter Tri,
a horse with as many legs as the spider,
a sign sitting next to an extinguished torch,
a gold-lined door,
a small dog thing that reminds me of my mutt when she was still a puppy,
and a tower with a gold orb on the top with things sticking down.

...I have NO IDEA what refers to what, but I know some of those are symbolic of some of the browsers(seeing as I mentioned vertually every significant object there is in this strip) that we are supposed to find, so if you get the refrences of all of them, please, don't hesitate to educate me.

Ultrainventor says:

hmm... spider web, web site, web browsers, web page, web... GAH! EVIL HTML!

JoB says:

Netscape appears twice, (old) steering wheel in panel 4, (newer) falling comets in panel 1 (behind the speech bubble).
I'm pretty sure I've seen the red-and-white-swirls thingie in panel 1 before, but I can't put my finger on it ...

Watsuki says:

If we're saying Iceweasel then we ought to have a minature-giant space hamster too. No worries for those of you who don't get my old obscure gaming reference.

Sheela says:

That blue bird in the first frame seems awfully familiar.
At first I thought it was the logo for the company developing Minecraft, but I couldn't find it there.

Anyone have any idea on that ?

Pulsy says:

The bird has a thunderbolt on it, so i'm going with Thunderbird. The reason it's going down is explained in the previous strip, so i don't think that's related.

Sheela says:

oo, I just noticed that there's some sort of lurefisher head on top of the building in frame 2.


The spider would be a web-crawler, Inktomi.

Ikwig says:

I'm just not that knowledgeable when it comes to webbrowsers, but here's a "woot" @ Watsuki for the Baldur's Gate reference - loved that game! :)

Sheela says:

Baldur's Gate was indeed a nifty game. :)

Ultrainventor says:

gah! Feiht is much more powerful than we all thought! her impression that nothing can fly is pulling meteors and space junk to the ground! 8O

Ultrainventor says:

have we found all of them yet? I am hearing a lot of theories, but how many are accurate and how many browsers are left? I have no idea as to how many browsers exist.

The voice inside my head says:

I don't know! I don't know!

Ultrainventor says:

I know! this is hard!

The voice inside my head says:

Tell me about it! I can't find any more that I know of!

NeoDarklight says:

Feiht's head seems disproportionately small in the last panel for some reason.

AerosAtar says:

Goat => Gazelle?
Musical Instrument => ViolaWWW?
Spiderweb => SlipKnot?
Satellite => Sputnik?
'Windows' => Mosaic?

Pulsy says:

So where's the solution? Keeps us busy in between comics :P

Bean long says:

I will pick the first on on REAL LIFE. Good luck.

bowchikawowwow says:

any info on when we can expect this will be back?

hkmaly says:

Ultrainventor: Pulling meteors and space junk is even more impressive if you realize that they are already falling when in orbit.

Alien says:

For a complete list of the ones I shoved into this comic, look here:
Spoiler, click to view


Yes, two of those aren't strictly browsers themselves. And we could include Safari with all the animals, and WWW while at it.

Iceea says:

Ahhh, the ways are still open. I was beginning to fear that perhaps something more serious than the "usual" real life crap had inflicted itself on the lives of our illustrious artists. A new comic can't be too far behind.

Pulsy says:

o.O zomg we still missed half of 'em ... and it seems we made up the other half :D We rock ^^

Spryte says:

Bunny mount? Hm. Sounds like Looking for Group....

pseudonym says:

is that a fennec fox!?!?!?
those are adorable. no doubt

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