One Ayne clapping
Chasing the Sunset
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eigk says:

So white... I need a pencil :)

Pulsy says:

"Where am the other I" XD Feiht also has her rainbow border back! yay! :D
By the way - the magnifier is folding in on itself when approaching the lower panels o.O Might be a firefox 4 problem, or else the thing is broken...

Pulsy says:

Okay reloading the page fixed it - i should probably have tried that before posting >.>


but the wings are still gone

Alric says:

On a wing and a prayer

Ford Prefect says:

We seem to be approaching comic #666 X)
Hey, they actually know where they are? Cool!

Watsuki says:

Ayne has probably being dying for an excuse to do that for AGES now.

Golux says:

Gosh, so that's how you take care of a pixie with a split personality! Only too funny. Thanks for the laugh!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

YAY! New comic! LOVES!

Ultrainventor says:


I love wordplay!

hkmaly says:

Watsuki: Excuse? More like waiting for feiht being successfully distracted :). Also, wasn't feiht little bigger on start of the comics? Like, two-times her curent size if you compare it to Ayne's hand size.

Anakha says:

Wow, an actual Update! I thought the day would never come......
And a fun strip to boot! Nice.

Zela says:

Keh, I was like "Does Leaf know his shoelace is undone?" for a minute, and then I realized it's the string that he was attached to a few pages ago. Nice. XD
(Yay Leaf ponytail!)

Ultrainventor says:

didn't notice that. nice detail!

Darius Drake says:

Two bodies litterally swashed into one. Well, it's fine, neither were made of anything apart from pure magic, seemingly, so I doubt it matters.

Osk says:

i wouldve appreciated "you looked out of yourself" too

fantastic comic as usual

Lee says:

Br'ugh-nil? Is that anywhere near Br'ugh-nil University?

Katkinkate says:

Why does Ayne have one pants-leg longer than the other? Or is one folded up for some reason?

Katkinkate says:

Oh, don't worry. I looked back and figured it out.

Odo says:

Good to see another comic up. Really like Ayne's comment.

sparkflare says:

yes im back why the second feigh gone wait i get it ithink it started at page648 or page640

sparkflare says:

# 640

sparkflare says:


Osk says:

maybe all pixies are ultimately one pixie who got personality problems. Pixies don't mess around when talking about a split personality

poke says:

I agree with whoever said not long ago that an update timer that isn't correct is much worse than not having a timer at all. Personally I've never like the timer at all. Much better to get a nice surprise from time to time, compared to none or a bad one.
Cheers :)

craebild says:

I agree with poke, a timer should indicate when the update is up, this timer only indicates it's own restart.

Very good comic, though, and well worth waiting for, it would just be nice to have a reliable indication when the next update is available.

Pulsy says:

Just ignore the timer, i think by now we all know updates are way to random to be predicted. :)

Alien says:

Yeah, the timer has just been reset lately; I've been a bit too optimistic about when I can get the comic drawn. Can you blame a man for hoping?
If I had any idea when it really will be finished, I'd set the timer to that time. But I don't, so I've just reset it to next update day. If you prefer, I could set it to in a month or two? Then if it's done ahead of time, I dunno, reset the timer again or build up a buffer.

Watsuki says:

Nah, stick with the optimism. That way you can repeatedly and brutally crush hopes! Everyone wins.

You Know Who says:

Wow, that's...cheerful.....

Lindale says:

Random fanart:
I hope you like it!

Watsuki says:

Looks like we went with option B. I hope my sarcastic comment wasn't the cause. Regardless, this hopefully will give you guys plenty of time to spend time with Rune and do other parenty stuff. See you when you get back, I suppose.

craebild says:

Yes, it seems we got a long countdown. I wonder whether there is some special reason for the next scheduled update time to be December 3rd, 08:00 GMT ?

Hopefully we will see a pleasant surprise well before then.

noone says:

;( 176 days til next comic.

Lecs says:

I deeply, deeply appreciate the new update timer. I have a that kind of sense of humour.

And am frankly impressed that it's not currently set for Rune's first day of school, when, presumably, the house might actually get peaceful for occasional periods of time. Or, you know, 18 years from now, when they move out and you actually have the extra free time to update an awesome, free webcomic.

I also deeply appreciated Ayne's comment in the last panel.

beanlong says:

167 days til next comet arrives. I Hope it does not hit earth and destory earth.

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