Strange Strangers in a Strange land
Chasing the Sunset
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Oh yes, what could possibly be strange about a blue elven Amazon, a fury posessed "Innovative Tactician" and a Dragon that is afraid of just about everything.

Alric says:

Myhrad seems to be extremely knowledgeable about humans

aj26 says:

we don't reincarnate. are spirits just go somewhere. of chose i know what my spirit does, whether you believe it of not

aj26 says:

oh i like the fence design

Firelander says:

Damm you want my secret :(

Matti says:

Alien says:

Matti: I'm really torn now. What is the proper response to this? I'm thinking either "Woah, awesome!" or "By the gods, that rules!" or possibly "You're incredible!"
It's well worth checking out that link, people. Matti's better than us at this comic stuff :)

Pulsy says:

Nice job Matti :D That sums it up pretty good!

More ontopic: on the first read i thought "ooh, lots of space for a secret there!" ... fooled me! :P This makes me wonder how elves are grown though.

Mithandir says:

There are fields, Pulsy, endless fields where elves are no longer born; they are grown. It's the only way to get enough of them for all fantasy stories and computer games.

Ultrainventor says:


Osk says:

That first grave, x1, Bob (xl bob?)? and we always forget they're just teens for elves, havnt had the obligatory story on "where little elves come from"

Osk says:

Btw, feith is sheltering in Leaf's bag :)

hkmaly says:

Alric: That's because Myhrad actually read all that schoolbooks Leaf was supposed to study from :-)

Mithandir & Pulsy: I though that most elves are copied on xerox. Would explain their "diversity" in some of those stories too.

hkmaly says:

Osk: It's probably XI the number - 11. So it's not first grave but 11th.

Lee the only says:

Humans are strange when you're a stranger, faces look ugky when you're alone...

Pulsy says:

Aww man, i never even knew Bob was dead :-/

Random Guy says:

Err. Am I the only one seeing the fence design as being simplified anatomical diagram of the male and female reproductive system? >_>

Lee the only says:

Random Guy: Kinda like the trefoil cutouts on Westminster Bridge - when the sun shines through them at a certain angle the resulting negative shadows have a distinctly phallic appearance!

Korgmatose says:

Hmm, where are we now? Could someone draw the little line on "Leafs Journey" on the map to make it represent where we are right now?

Azirahael says:

I see the fence design as a series of buttocks, and someone with their arms outspread. and buttocks. I think i might be projecting...

Pulsy says:

You people are strange :P I saw the fence as a series of curved metal rods, effectively serving as an enclosure of the graveyard. They are obviously placed there to keep the graves from escaping.

Sheela says:

Interesting, when using the magnifier thingy, there's no speech bubbles.

Watsuki says:

Yay comic! Also, very nice Matti. And when did we learn that elves re-incarnate? Just now?

Ultrainventor says:

umm, 1094 days is a mistake, right?

Indrico says:

That's 3 years. I assume we are being ironic and a bit overwhelmed. PS Of course Rune doesn't scare easily, with all the dragons and pixies around your place.

Mithandir says:

Watsuki: it's been mentioned before, somewhere around strip 28 I believe, when they first meet Feiht.

Silverwolf says:

Humans don't reincarnate, they respawn. So please accept Master Chief as your savior...for he who believeth in him shall never die. Well, at least, not permanently.

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