A Strange Stranger
Chasing the Sunset
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Silanae says:

That... is actually pretty awesome. Love that concept. *grins*

Winterbay says:

Sort of like the "Emptyness" in The Neverending Story, concept wise. I'm intrigued :)

Mithandir says:

Winterbay: yeah, I realised it was similar to the neverending story after I'd written it. Ironically, I had forgotten about that movie/book :)

RG2Cents says:

Scarey! Stuck on a creepy island, with all memory fading away... brrrrrrrrr!

Pulsy says:

Interesting! This guy made the mistake of asking where a treasure is, not realising he wouldn't want it anymore once he knew. Awesome concept indeed!

Also - didn't Feihts text balloons use to have more rainbow-ish colors? It seems less chaotic this way :P Love where she went in the last panel too :D

Mithandir says:

She still does, but the rainbow is stretched all across the image (but she's not saying anything in the middle).

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Except the "Emptiness" in Neverending Story didn't trade, it simply took and destroyed, swallowing everything in its path until there was only Nothing left.

EdorFaus says:

It's a good thing they got him to tell them that last part... As that gives Leaf a decent chance to realize (perhaps with help) that if he here finds out where exactly his father is, he might forget why he wanted to know. That's one of his primary motivators here, so with it gone, would he still be himself? ... chilling thought, isn't it?

Baldric says:

Interesting concept ! I'm curious to see the details of this exchange of knowledge.

Ultrainventor says:

eh? if knowledge is traded, then that means what is taken is replaced with another piece of knowledge, which means that if more knowledge is given to replace the knowledge taken, how can there be nothing left?

Ultrainventor says:

geh. i over thought this again.

hkmaly says:

Silanae: Actually, this is very scary. It's something like DRM. Knowledge is supposed to be shared, not traded.

Ultrainventor: He probably means that he traded all own memories for useless trivia.

EdorFaus: I wouldn't rely on Leaf common sense. Ayne, quick, hit him with his staff and keep him unconscious until you leave the island!

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