Artificial anger
Chasing the Sunset
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Firelander says:

The bugs seem to be surviving leafs anger. And no, i would not dare to make leaf even angrier as well. Maybe Feiht can give some help with this.

Alric says:

So will Leaf turn green if we make him angry? :p Don't make him angry, you won't like him when he's angry ;)

Wisknort says:

Haha Alric! Yetis! (Yeties?)

Hmm... Isn't the deal between "Leaf" and the furies still in place? He's supposed to be in control - which if he's blasting random spirits, I doubt he is. His objective is one crystal, not the entire library. Leaf would recognise this.

Kia says:

Yay! The first comic I've waited for and gotten to read since I caught up! :D!

About what Wisknort was saying: Good point.
I kinda thought it was still ~sorta~ Leaf under control, but erm, yknow, like, under the influence of such anger that your judgement gets kinda skewed? XD I think that happens to most people some times. Plus, furies is a lot of anger. But your point does sound pretty logical and "Leafy" xD I guess we'll find out in the next couple of strips! :3 -cant wait- I got used to being able to read the next strip immediately since I started reading this comic like 3 or 4 weeks back. Now I has to adjust and am left in suspense!! XD yay for the update today! :3

Me says:

Anger is good if you can control it. It's like fire (perfect element choice for the furies) it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Anger is just a form of power. And as anyone with an uncle Ben knows with power comes responsibility. (This is why pixies shouldn't have power.)

Wisknort says:

"(This is why pixies shouldn't have power.)"

hkmaly says:

To me, it doesn't seem like he's blasting random spirits, more like when terminator was shoting at police in the terminator 2: lot of fire but no actual causalities. Still not exactly safe.

Wisknort: I remember Feiht summaring the deal as "now is Leaf posessed by me". Where is Feiht? We may need her to calm the anger spirits ...

Me: Not only pixies. When I look around, I don't see much responsibility of those with power ... I suppose they didn't see Spiderman :-)

Pulsy says:

Ouch, angry leaf is scary...

Wisknort says:

hkmaly: Good call. That said, I think even the furies took Feiht with a grain of common sense, and the deal is as it should be. I'm not certain of that one though.

watsuki says:

Why has nobody else commented "Leaf smash!"? Or did they and I missed it?

Venalitor says:

I wouldn't call leaf scary so much as hilarious. I just love seeing him go to town on the manse. Though, poor little desk.

Lee...?!! says:

Watsuki: Maybe "Leaf mould" would be better?

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