Getaway plan
Chasing the Sunset
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Wisknort says:

Which villain? I'm not getting the joke.

(Yay for 3D printers!)

Wisknort says:

And where is Feiht? She's come outside then vanished...

Me says:

Leaf must really like his glorified walking stick.

Iceea says:

3D printer, oh my! sign me up for any and all figures

ShinRaiten says:

Leaf's figured it out! The best way for him to get away with his plans is to do them before anyone else can stop him.

Pulsy says:

Hmmm... i'm happy for Leaf and all, finally getting closer to his father, but i'm worried we might be starting to get near the inevitable end of the story. I don't want the story to end...

Also - will you be painting the printed figurines, or will these be "Warcraft 40.000 paint them yourself"-style things? :)

Beacon80 says:

Couldn't resist.
Leaf: Ayne, I'm not a Republic serial hero. Do you seriously think I'd explain my crazy plan if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago.

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

YAY! I can see the comics again! My firewall was blocking the site for MONTHS and now it's finally all fixed and better and I'm all caught up. I can't wait to find out the plan Leaf started several hours ago. :)

Kim says:

I think it's a giant slingshot. A Giant Slingshot of Doom!

Me says:

Oh my garshk! I spy an update! :D

remmon says:

Pulsy, there's no real need to worry. Assume he does find his father, now he still has to get all the way back to where they started. And by the time they do finally get back, when, they'll probably still need to deal with the furies.

hkmaly says:

remmon: ... I think that while finding his father Leaf get so much experience he can go find his mother next. Yes, I'm aware she's dead.

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