The Night Watch
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

... so many free informations ...

Werekat says:

Aw. ;) I like that dragon. "I am a coward... But less than they think." :) :) :)

Jeremiah says:

Nice "twist". Looks like the dragon is rather more mature than the rest of the bunch. And rather more wise than expected.

C-PM says:

I found the bunnies! :D
I like this twist. Will Myhrad find out about his parents?

demodude says:

So Myhrad is actually even cooler than we thought, I like it.

zehlyi says:

Not that surprising of a revelation to me, but then, I am an unabashed Myhrad fan.

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

I do so love Myhrad.

Me says:

Almost a FluterShy resistance level.

Keif says:

Epic? :3

ShinRaiten says:

The question I'd love answered is why are they afraid of a fledgling dragon? The ghosts that is.

Lee\ says:

Heheh. VAMPIRE bunnies!

ultrainventor says:


ultrainventor says:

oh, I think I get it now.

Ladyfox7oaks says:

I so DO NOT trust that they broke the "Right" crystal.....

Venalitor says:

Well, that's certainly one way to rationalize it. *cough cough*

hkmaly says:

Ladyfox7oaks: They did destroy ONE OF THEM. You think only one of the spirits was rogue? Remember, knowledge should be shared, not taken away.

BlueSky says:

New update! I've always loved Myrad, and this just makes him more awesome. So loveable. Also, it's kinda funny and ironic that they need a dragon to make things more realistic.

Keif says:

I found the bunnies AND the fearie dragon whit the magnifier. :3
Yes, there IS a fairy dragon. Just look right to the bunnys.

Iceea says:

In the last 3 of the panels particularly the last one the spirit/ghost has a positively humorous expression on their face. I'd say this one's Ok.

Blackdrake says:

It has to be good, Myhrad still rememberd that he's a coward so it's not stealing his memories. at least I think it's not.

Kim says:

Myrad: bravley being a coward. Or somthing.

IrishDrinker says:

Woo! Found the Fairy Dragon and the bunnies! Lots of fun! Also, it makes sense that he would be the watchdog of the group.... I mean, he is probably one of the smartest, reading all those books... and the most rational.

Me says:

Either I'm blinder than I thought, or you all are looking at something different than this page. I don't see a single rabbit.

Kim says:

Of course not, extra-dimensional demon rabbits have the power of invisibility. You only see them when they want you to.

ultrainventor says:

extra-dimensional invisible things can be seen with the magnifying glass. even if they don't want you to see them.

Wisknort says:

No comment on the rabbit in the first panel?

Pulsy says:

I did not see that coming! Brave Myhrad, who would have thought! I still think he used to be a more honest coward. I have the feeling this bravery didn't come untill he learned his new powers and realised he could use them for good.

On another note: Zomg! i totally missed the evil vampire bunny until i read the comment just above!

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