Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

So ... no bunnies?

Alric says:

Leaf has morning hair :p

Darius Drake says:

It was the other pixies. They framed Feiht.

Rocks, Maps and Crafts says:

Feiht is so much fun. Just love her.

Me says:

I spy a sneaky snake. Also, they kind of just left Myhard behind. I guess it's best to let sleeping dragons lie, but...

Kaylin says:

I don't think pixies would ever frame each other for anything. Don't they take pride in doing mischief or something?

Golux says:

Tickled by a thousand feathers, a fate worse than being pecked to death by ducks...

C-PM says:

A Friday update! And Feiht's back!

Pulsy says:

Leafs now seems to sleep in his old robe! Awesome bit of continuity there :D

Also, that dimensional vortex looks pretty hungry. Poor stranger. Oh well, plenty more strangers in the world. :)

Lolly says:

Its not just any dimensional vortex - its a rainbow dimensional vortex!! Feiht's obviously been busy since we last saw her!

Kim says:

What did Feiht use for paint?

Wisknort says:

o_0 ultrainventor, wish to explain how you commented on a comic before it existed? If it were 403, I'd assume some form of donation reward, but that gave me a 404.

Mithandir says:

We forgot to put in the date for next comic, so the site showed an empty placeholder which ultra commented on. Once we noticed we put on the site so this page became the last one again.

Or, if you prefer: PIXIES!:)

ShinRaiten says:

Leaf has bedhead! Oh wait, beaten to it. Darn.

Lee that is and almost was says:

I don't think Leaf has ever looked girlier than in panel 1.

ultrainventor says:

actually, I'm a time-traveling cyborg from another dimension. didn't you know that?

IrishDrinker says:

Awesome, and I am glad you guys are all feeling better :)

Kim says:

Really? Do you have a pet bunny ?

ultrainventor says:

no, but I have a do have a flying dog.

Firelander says:

Awww, so are there scobadiving cats then as well?

ultrainventor says:

sorry, my cat is too busy plotting world domination to scubadive.

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