Waking a Pixie
Chasing the Sunset
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the krud says:

1.the bard says "it you sing the song" i continue to mock your mistakes!
2.how old is Leaf?

Alien says:

2. It's properly stated on the character pages :P

... says:

Where is it improperly stated?

Lee says:

Annoying grammatical correction: I believe "the elf who" should read "the elf whom".

ArcticChicken says:

Actually, it should be "the elf who was swept acroos the sea by floods"

OneTimer says:

Yeah, that extra O and missing S in across is vital for proper grammar.

Aerinelf says:

Sheesh! You people are picky!

Bubbles says:

picky sticky icky licky kicky ricky sicky quicky mickey yicky...

Statri says:

I prefer "the elf that was swept away by a flood."

Statri says:

Does anyone else think it was too much to have the bard rhyme in real life?

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