Power Economics
Chasing the Sunset
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Pulsy says:

Ahahahaha xD This comic is particularly hilarious! XD I love pixie logic :D

Also - Glittadottir? I assume that translates as "daughter of shinies"? I love her pose in the second panel!

Lina says:

Feith backwards is Thief! I never knew that!
I almost always check names that way when I first see them - how did I miss that?

hkmaly says:

.... what? I though Ayne will stop her before doing something this foolish ...

CYB0RG777 says:

Feiht is awesome.

Venalitor says:

@hkmaly: I'm pretty sure Ayne wanted this.

Iceea says:

The Master's expression in the last panel is just priceless. Use the magnifier to see it without the text box ;-)

Lex-Kat says:

In the third panel, you can see the glow of the shinies spell out 'Freedom' over their hands, using the Magnifier. Love the Magnifier! :)

Red Shadow says:

She just gave the evil sparkles of doom and amnesia to the head wizard, while inadvertently telling him that she is a pixie who is willing to give up shinies to get back an elf possessed by three furies. And Leaf told that same wizard that he lets a pixie do his negotiations with said furies. Wow... this could go in so many different directions, but mostly just doom on the wizards. And I don't think the head wizard is evil enough to deserve it. Lady Cynthia on the other hand...

Bucky says:

We've seen those shiny, evil rocks before.

Ellendra says:

Yes, the color-changing outfit is VERY non-magical. Uh-huh.

Red Shadow says:

It isn't just her outfit. Take a good look at the color of her eyes!

Mark Linimon says:

The first encounter with Pixie Logic is the worst, except for all the others.

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