Leaf sitting against a rock

High resolution colored image of Leaf sitting against a rock.

Added 1969-12-31


MithandirAwww ... he looks a bit sad. But I guess that's my fault for killing his parents :) I just love the grass alien, well done.
AlienYeah, just go around killing everyone, don't you :P
Made as a character image of Leaf, to use on the site. I hate the way that rock looks...
In pain
For what
Elude us.
LadyIslayI don't see sadness. I see deep thought. I agree about the rock, dear. Try cropping it on one side to get rid of some of it.
fantasyfreakum...Leaf is kinda cute. *embarassed grin* sitting there, silently planning the next stage of the quest...*cues movie-type music* he's a cool character.
Ajemiiyeah i dont think he looks sad either. i think maybe you need to put lines on the rock for cracks and stuff but then i am not exactly an artist...
bookbookhe is not sad or thinking deeply, he is being a dreamer, as is his right. See Comic 382, give or take a few.
bookbookwhat??? where's the link?


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