Angry Ayne

Ayne Ni'dhilti in all her angry-at-leaf glory.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThe lines on this one looks really blocky, but it should give an idea of Ayne's self. Green and fair as all elves, but that temper... *shudder*
fantasyfreakBrilliant. Using something as subtle as shading to descrbe a character's personality.And it looks way cooler that way, too.
SilverwolfYou sure it's not her "angry-at-Feiht" glory?
PixieJessGood point Silverwolf. I agree with Alien about the lines.Other than that it looks great.

krazzyelves are suposed to be peaceful and caring....
Shadow PhoenixAyne? Peaceful and caring? are you crazy, krazzy? She definitely looks sufficiently angry though, LOL.
bookbookNEEEEEEE! she's scariful.
AnnikaThe best part is you can't see her hand. What's she going to do? Strangle Feiht? Smack Leaf? We can only imagine...


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