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Aunt Naiira

Aunt Naiira. High-res colored image from this comic where she first appeared.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienFun image to make. I like how the grass turned out, but several other parts could probably use more work.
MithandirI especially like the roots on that flower ... it feels like an ancient symbol of an elven house.
fantasyfreakNaiira is such a cool character,and yet she's only in, like, three frames. Too bad. I bet we see her again after Leaf comes back home with his father. that'd be so cool.
BecciIF he comes back with his father. but I guess he will.
Shadow PhoenixNice scale mail. I also like how you can actually see what that flower device is.
bookbookyou should do a kind of minicomic on aunt naiira's adventures.


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