The evolution of Myhrad

Here's two images of Myhrad. The top one is a recent one, while the bottom one was the first ever. That image inspired us to do the comic in the first place.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienBottom one is made from scratch in MSpaint. It was one of the first images I showed anyone, and they pushed me into more advanced things, like PSP and PS, like the top one is colored in.
OrcaI was floored you managed to make something that good within the straight-jacket of MS Paint - it would have been a crime to leave you with a tool that limited.
Polk spriteMeep? Talk about improvement. Paint and PS are worls appart and this is a good example. Good work on both, respectively.
spinifexthats some nice drawing, I have PS and I am soo bad at it
Dragon StarboWhao! O_O Major improvement! The first one was good, but the newest one in comparison is very, very, very well done! :D Although I like the design around the first version's eye. ^_^
xanderespecially from the top one, I would LOVE to have a pet dragon like myhrad...too bad they don't seem to exist (boo hoo). So cute and playful when young- and useful later
PixieJessYOU don't know that they don't exist.Maybe it is a government coverup like area 51.and what do you mean by useful? They aren't for use. when they grow old they are to be let free.What if one used you when you grow old?HMM?! Great picture!!
krazzywow you got better.... alot better.
PixieJessica(twitch twitch)I'm not crazy hehehe AND IF ANYONE SAYS I WAS ADOPTED FROM AREA 51 IT IS NOT TRUE!!
Laemyrhad looks like my cat!
Eraikei W. O.The pictures are defenitely great, in their own ways. But is that what the T-shirt's going to look like? You should try to fit your website somewhere on there... Like down in the corner... I work in a library, so I might be able to get some new people reading the comic... The T-shirt idea is great. *Nod, nod*
Drygonyou've defedently improved,alien
Blue River The design on the bottom one's eye is what's used to go backwards and forwards in the comic. You can check.
EvandrilHeh, the pic on the bottom is better than 90% of the webcomics around...and you've improved quite a bit :)
MerlinangelI like the first one's feet--but the newer one looks much less awkward
Shadow Phoenix*Goes all bug-eyed* You did that in
      The newer one looks more carefree and graceful.Anyway, Myhrad owns.
Shadow PhoenixGrrr... HTML tag went all screwy.
bookbookmyrhad is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil in paint
KiaTheyre both awesome! Myhrad is so adorable. I love how he's got his unique dragon behavior idiosyncrasies. It seems like some of his body behavior is based on cats? I love cats so maybe thats part of the reason I find him adorable. And then it just makes it awesome cause he's a dragon. X3 Maybe my favorite character x3
(I usually get defensive when someone makes fun of him, like being afraid of heights or something! XDD)


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