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Feiht planning mischief

Detail from frame 2 in this comic, Feiht trying to look innocent while planning mischief.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienShe really needs a bigger back to hide things behind.
xanderwatch out, world! touble cometh

("no, I'm feiht, not trouble!")
krazzyi'm sure she didn't do it.....
NarissonaOh no, I'm not planning to paint the statue of the city's greatest warriors............. *starts whistling*
EverlastingPanda"Huh? What brush?"
"The one behind your back."
"What back?"
Ajemii"Feiht, what are you doing with the paintbrush?"
"Nothing. Definitely not painting sleepy people's faces, nope. If anyone tells you that, don't believe it. Now take the brush and run."
(Angry mob with painted faces)- "Come back here!" "You're gonna pay" and assorted comments.
Shadow Phoenix"Ummm, Feiht, I don't suppose you know why the tourist attraction is breaking out in pink hearts?" LOL. Why doesn't she make some sort of extradimensional portal to hide things in? Because she hasn't convinced herself she can do that?
bookbookFeiht: Oh no. It definetely wasn't me who painted the king's face pink. And I'm sure the person who signed it "Feiht" was just another person named Feiht. Riiiiight. What? A paintbrush behind my back? I have no idea how it got there. What's that you say? No, I don't know who painted your best trousers bright blue with polka dots. Weren't they already that color?


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