Future Echoes

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Eikan"future echoes"...? is this foreshadowing for the story or is the younger girl facing her older self..? i can see how the older girl could be ayne...is the little one not a girl but leaf? the questions!!!!!
Pixie SlayerCould be Leaf- he's got the right necklace, but what's with the tiara?

The taller one must be Anye. Note the Amazon birthstripes!
i_like_shiny_thingsYeah, the smaller's definitely Leaf. Ayne as a warrior doesn't make me blink an eye, but Leaf as a prince...or a king? Hm...
FloraAnyone consider that the one with the stripes could just be an amazon? Not only that but leaf wearing bracelets and rings? Iv never seen leaf with his hair up like that.

I do admit that the one on the right does resemble ayne but it also resembles the amazons as well.
FloraNote ayne did join the amazons but what i meant was that it could be a different amazon
FloraAnother idea. Perhaps they are dressed up and acting? Im so good at guessing but terrible at getting it right.
PhoebeMaybe Ayne (with those amozonian marks, who else woul dit be?), but Leaf? To girly. (Yes, Leaf does look like a girl, but not that much) Maybe a character coming in later in the story? Say, this title - Future Echoes - Might mean more than we think.

Perhaps... Ayne's tree took elven form and has come to get revenge for being left.
FloraAddition: Stupid thing entered it before i was done. My other guess could be those things that are possesing leaf?
Pixie Slayersure looks like it, the way his hand is out and his eye is narrowed. He looks about ready to fall over backwards though.

And it is most definitely Ayne; it's not just birthstripes but the right pattern of stripes and she's got elf ears as well.
Dark FlameIt looks as though this might be Ayne (In the future) facing off with Leaf (as some type of fury controlling mage).

Leaf isn't falling over, he's circling.
Dark FlamePlus that's Ayne's sword.
MoonPersonSomething about Leaf doesn't look right. Look at his expression. I think her's possesed.

Look at Ayne's expression. She doesn't want to fight him, but he's forcing her too.

Yup. Leaf is possesed.
YukiNekothat certainly sounds right. Because we all know Leaf is posessed- by the Furies. I can't wait for them to make more of an appearance in the comic proper.
PhoebeIt's definately Ayne, no to Amazon birthmarks are alike. Shes' about to show a posessed Leaf with Tiara/other person who's the boss. But are we sure he's posessed?

WAUT WAIT WAIT! Maybe the furies are gonna get him during the party, And he's gonna see some wierd thing in his future where Aynes tries to kill him...Like Frodo in Galadriel's Magic Mirror...Maybe Leaf and Mhyrad are gonna run off for a few strips, and Ayne and Feiht are gonna have to find them... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, the possibilities!
PhoebeThat's Leaf, we can be sure. He's wearing that diamond pendanty thing.
WildyDoes Leaf have pierced ears? Cause that person does, and so does "Ayne".
Blue River Ayne might be trying to kill herself(note the position of the sword) and Leaf might be trying to stop her.
ZelaI think the one on the right is Ayne, too. However, I don't think the one on the left is Leaf - this guy has ear piercings. Anyway, it all looks super cool.
Blue RiverIt might be Leaf's evil double!!
FaticiaSupposing that those two are Leaf and Ayne: Leaf looks possessed and Ayne looks as if she feels she has no choice but to fight (and maybe kill him) but she doesn't want to do it (for very obvious reasons).
FaticiaYeah, "Leaf" looks like he is going to kick tail adn Ayne wants to be hundreds of miles away.
*Skittles*I don't think it's Leaf because of the tiara and "Leaf" is wearing earrins.
ajemiiok, i just noticed--they each have a ring on their fingers, maybe it IS leaf and ayne, in the future...
CharisetIt looks like he's stopping her from attacking someone behind him.
Mogget's Little SisterUmmmm... maybe someone evil befriends Leaf and makes him king of some country and he has his own army and he's really getting evil but then Ayne comes and tries to stop him?
4WindsWandererThat's definitely Ayne but I very much doubt that the other one is Leaf -- the pendant is no proof; necklaces can easily be stolen.
bookbookum, maybe aynes pearl thingy is going to glow red and they're going to go back to the amazons but something is going to happen like an evil sorcerer will awaken the furies in leaf and control the furies in leaf. YES! if the furies are controlled by a sorcerer who can normally control furies, then leaf's body is controlled by the furies by the sorcerer, and the sorcerer will force leaf to fight the amazons and try to wipe them out.
TL WyvrenHuh?
Ford PrefectWhen I looked at this I thought it was kinda obvious that it was Leaf as a wizard (or whatever they call them now) and Ayne as a warrior. The "future echos" thing kinda gives it away.
Ford PrefectNote that he's holding out his hand like he always does when he's doing magic.
Also note physical differences between the girl and the boy.
Ford PrefectOh yeah, and remember when feight changed him to scare the guards he was wearing a crown thing...


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