Our Tree

A younger Leaf and Ayne up her growing tree.

Added 1969-12-31


Eikan*squeaks happily* @.@ so pretty...
*glomps chibi leaf and ayne*
PhoebeI'm guessing this is Ayne's tree.
AriegnNice peaceful, happy faces :)
BecciAww... Cute!
OutremerCute ! But doesn\'t Leaf have his own tree ?
Flaming MonoAynes nose is funny.
SilverwolfGreat Gaia, did Leaf EVER wear pants?
augdog20only girl elves have trees

mmm "our tree" is it me or they in love!!!

leaf looks so young
Nailoi'd say it's pretty,but i have dail-up and it hasn't loaded yet
bookbookI'd guess this is the tree that Leaf refused to come down in the early, black-&-white comics.
bookbook Comic #8 and Comic #9.
AjemiiLeaf looks sad to me or is he just sleeping?
*Skittles*He fell asleep while Ayne was telling about where she got... her pants (I couldn't think of anything else)
ajemiiand where did she get her pants? the tree market? lol ....ok, not that funny.....
4WindsWandererCan't you tell what's going on? its obvious; they're listening to the tree. ;)
bookbookthey're not listening to the tree, they're being with it like when a family member has died you just sit next to another relative of them and somehow you know what they're thinking.
MossstarI think only the girls get trees.
shiwow that is so pretty
halfdragon_magei agree with Nailo dial-up not fun:(


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