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Eikancool, green lizard guy!!!! his eyes are awesome!
FireBallVery nice sketch... I like the detail on the hand (the one that is visible) especially.
AmethystAwesome!!!!!!the lizard/alien has really kool eyes. red with fury
StormdancerOooh... self portrait, alien? ;p
krazzyfir ball i can so double post if i want....
krazzyeven triple
krazzyor quadropple
krazzy(spelt that wrong)
Eolill*wonders if she should write how nice she thinks it is, or just leave until it's safe*
ChewaLMAO it's like ur sitting at a cafe( on a couch) and ur lounging wit ur friends and u look beside u and u see Kanneck and he says " soo ya wanna go out?"
cookie-samaumm, what exactly does LMAO stand for? i haven't figured out yet...
MoonMinxalien thingy...did you do that in honor of yourself,alien? anyhow, it looks like the pupils are stitched on the eyes though:l
MoonMinxlooks like the jumpsuit thing is a little tight though
hailstormcookie-sama LMAO means laugh my *errm* "butt" off


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