My right arm might be out of commission, but I still wanna draw...

Lefthanded Hydralisk

Added 2009-04-06


X-KalThis just brightens my day! I hope your right arm is getting better!
PredatorsownMade me smile Alien, nice to see it hasn't got you down. All the best.
Kalendrilhey, still better then I can do... the comic and art rocks, rust started reading, and didn't sleep until I was caught up... you guys are awesome!
Tone*puts an hour glass on the table along with paper and pencils*
Left hand drawings here we go!!! ;D
Nebra ReppalkYay Starcraft!
Dark DonkeyI find it easy for me, as left handed, to draw with my right hand. Maybe it's just me... maybe not o.O
EvieI think it's cool. nice to see Aliens again! Hope your arm get's better.


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