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The following text is a summary of the story of Chasing the Sunset so far and thus is pretty much one big spoiler. Though it doesn't usually go into detail, it gives glances of all the important events. It is here for those people who don't have the time to read through all of the archive but still want to be able to follow the comic (for I realize it's getting to a level of complexity now that it's hard to get into).

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LeafMy story so far ....

Young LeafHi! I'm Leaf. I was born in Miradel, an elven village on the shore of the Sunset Sea. When I was very young my father got caught in a flood and was swept away. We all thought he was dead and I went to look for him, even though I could barely walk. I met Myhrad then, he - at least we presume it's a he - is a dragon who, like me, has lost his parents. I say parents because when I was brought back to the village, my mother had died from grief.

Over a century later (that's not all that long for an elf) a bard came to our village and told a story of an elf who had been swept to the dwarven lands by massive floods. My Father! He was still alive!

Myhrad preparingMyhrad and I set out immediately to find him and so our journey began. We were not alone though, my friend Ayne slipped out of the village and joined up with us, even though her parents wouldn't let her. You can't say no to Ayne though, it tends to hurt.

Chapter 1: Into the world

FeihtMore feiht In the forest we were first ambushed by Feiht, a fun-loving pixie who - against our better judgement - decided to follow us around (and whom we haven't been able to shake off yet either) and later by a pair of trolls. One, named The Mount Erac, was confused into fleeing by Ayne, but the other, Geb, proved too Gebsmart for her. Geb, it turned out, was extraordinarily smart for a Troll and he was having some problems fitting into a world that expected him to be dumb. In fact, The Mount Erac had been teaching him to be dumber when they caught us. We talked Geb into trying vegetarianism, following the example of Myhrad (our mighty dragon who can't stand the sight of blood).

Chapter 2: The debt of sorcery

The gates of LhaeshorrondSome days after we took our leave of Geb we reached the great elven port of Lhaeshorrond, the first goal of our journey. After some adventures here we unsuccesfully tried to find a ship to carry us west, but none of the captains wanted to take us on board, being superstitious about either women, men, dragons or any combination of the above. There was no choice but to go over land, a journey that would take us all the way north through the human lands to the great dwarven bridge.

The Old Dragon InnThe guards wouldn't let us leave the city since the sun had already set, so we had to spend the night there. We went to the Old Dragon Inn where Ayne and Feiht freed Sohac, a pixie-friend of Feiht, from a birdcage. We also met an elven bard named Rhyme and she told us that the floods that swept away my father had been caused by a sorcerer who had been trying to end the draught that was tormenting the lands. She said he felt guilty for the damages he had caused and would likely help me find my father if I asked. We decided to go seek him out and the next morning set out for his tower, three days east of the city. Before we left we ran into Geb again, who was trying to get into the city to find work (the guards didn't quite understand). He's now a guard too however, and responsible for closing the huge city gates at night.

Chapter 3: Cerdin forest

The Gray UnicornOn our way to the sorcerer's tower we ran into a unicorn hunting party! They were chasing some poor young gray unicorn. With the help of the Lady of the Forest (known to the humans as Lady Morgane Le Fey) we managed to thwart their plans. It didn't end there though, as one of them was a witch who wanted to burn the life out of the Lady and so get eternal youth for herself. The magical ruby she was relying on for this was stolen by Feiht (never ever keep anything shiny within the reach of Feiht's attention time span). Don't worry, though, Ayne made Feiht give her the dangerous gem (with the help of the Lady), so the world should be safe a little while longer.

Chapter 4: Broken Tower, Fallen Leaf

The tower is brokenThe next day we got to the tower, but it was abandoned and partly collapsed. A couple of gryphons told us it had been like that when they got there. We were warned to stay in the tower at night because dangerous spirits roamed outside, but of course Feiht's curiosity chose to ignore this, taking the rest of Feiht with it. I went after Feiht and found out that the spirits were furies that had been summoned there because of the violent death of the mage. After that I don't remember anything, the furies moved in on me and everything went red.

Ayne continues the story ....

Chapter 5: The Witch

The Old Dragon InnRight. So when Feiht told me Leaf was down I didn't panic at all of course. Instead I snapped straight into action and organised a search party for the Lady and made a stretcher to cary him (that is, Leaf) back to Lhaeshorrond - oh, Myhrad helped some too. We went into the forest and asked a flying ... something for directions. The dumb thing, which was called Arpix, misunderstood however and took us to the hut of the witch (yes the same one who we had valiantly defeated earlier). I didn't want to ask her for help but Myhrad pointed out we didn't have much choice and the witch reluctantly agreed to help us - on the condition that I cut down a withered tree for her and make a dagger from its heart.

The Old Dragon InnThis was a trick, however. When I got to the tree I found it inhabited by a young dryad whose life energy was tied to that of the tree. If I destroyed the tree the dryad would surely die from grief. Therefore I just took a dead branch and carved the dagger from that.

Meanwhile at the witches shack Myhrad was guarding Leaf while Feiht was slightly distracted by promises of gold. The witch didn't even do anything to cure Leaf, but he woke up from his trance anyway. When I got back and found Leaf awake, we left immediately.

Leaf takes over again ....

The Old Dragon InnI woke up from a scary dream that I can't remember. The witch seemed quite friendly now but Ayne was angry at her and wanted to leave before we could eat some soup. As we walked through the forest a bit later we encountered the witch again at a small pond standing next to an old oaktree. She scorned Ayne there, saying Ayne was just like her and she warned me about my anger ... I didn't really understand.

Chapter 6: Message From Home

The Old Dragon InnAbout a week later we ran into my Aunt Naiira in a small but well-camouflaged elven treetop village. We tried to run away but she captured us and said she'd take us both back to the village because Ayne had run away. It's no fair! I was allowed to leave the village!
Luckily for us Feiht chose that time to reappear from whereever she was and we rescued us. Then later we rescued Myhrad too. Naiira won't give up though, we'll have to be careful or she'll catch us again.

The next day we reached the great elven wall which stands between us and the No Man's land that separates us from the humans.

Chapter 7: No Man's Land

Now the important thing to know about no man's land is that it is inhabitted by women. A tribe of amazons has taken refuge there and refuses passage to those they don't like. Still, it was the only way for us to go, so we had to hope they wouldn't notice I'm a boy if we ran into them.

And ran into them we did, tho appearantly they're not as viscious as legend would have it. We were introduced to their queen, who - after a brief fight over history - invited us to dinner and left us in the care of one of her lieutanants.

However, we then found out one of the Amazons was kidnapped by men from their ancestrial lands. Of course Ayne, Feiht, Myhrad and I raced to the rescue!

Chapter 8: Amazons

At dinner, the queen told us about the history of the Amazons (or at least those parts most of them could agree about) and why the men were after them. We found out they had been magically changed by a powerful Fey and that they procreated by laying eggs. The queen took us to see those eggs, but while we were there, the village was attacked!

The Amazons ran back of course, but I felt something was wrong and stayed behind with my friends. True enough, some men appeared who tried to smash the eggs! Just when they were about to, though, I got angry with them and ... and I don't know what happened next ... just red light ... pain... but somehow I stopped those evil men.

Ayne continues the story ....

He blasted one of them with some red energy, and then collapsed. Feiht said it was the furies, and loathe as I am to admit her being right, she probably is. When the Amazons returned from the village, they took Leaf to their healer. Turns out they already knew he was male, too. They then let me take the trials to become an amazon myself. It was painful and scary, but I'm now an Amazon ... it's strange. I have blue markings all over my body now and they say I might turn completely blue!

Chapter 9: Civilisation

Leaf takes over again ...

So then we said goodbye to the Amazons and made our way out of No Man's land towards the kingdom of Gamun, with its philosopher's capital. On the way we ran into a knight who wanted to slay Myhrad, but we convinced him not to ... I think. We then found ourselves in the middle of a storm and ran into a cave, and then a bit later ran out again (you do a lot of running when you have a pixie with you). The weather improved and we reached the city of Gamun.

Chapter 10: Politics

Inside we saw the king run over a beggar! This made me angry and I felt the furies stir again, but was distracted before I could blast anything. After some very confusing talks, we found out that the beggar was in fact the king and he ran over himself regularely so people wouldn't oppose the ruling council. Yes, I didn't understand it either.

The king then took us captives of sort, and lead us to the palace (using some tricks on feiht (he's a bard as well as a king!)). He then had Myhrad and me tell the story of how we met, so he could judge whether we were likely to destroy the country (he noticed about the furies, you see)

Chapter 11: Backstory

The king then had me and myhrad retell the tale of how we came to meet. Which we did.

Chapter 12: The Party

We were quite lucky, because it turned out that very evening the king had a big party at court! Yay! During this party I talked to an elven historian who wanted to know about the furies. Apparently there's a danger they'll eventually take me over, which is a scary thought, but he said it was possible I could overcome it. I can only try.

The Lady of the forest came to the party as well, to view a rare flower. She doesn't seem to like the king too much.

Chapter 13: Walking with Dragons and Pixies

The king and the historian arranged paperwork for us so we could use the mountain pass. We needed the papers because dragons had taken up residence there and guards were stopping anybody from entering.

Of course with our luck it wasn't long before those dragons caught us, but Myhrad talked them into not eating us. It seems these dragons were friends of his parents and they told us that Myhrad's mother and father had moved to the dangerous dragonlands in the north-west.

After escaping the dragons, we got bogged down into a swamp and the Hell's Pixies held a trial against Feiht!

Chapter 14: Across the ocean on a boat of stone

We finally reached the huge dwarven bridge that connects the dwarven lands with the human ones. They wouldn't let us in at first because of being only kids, but Feiht solved that by scaring the guards away. We also got a magic staff, which is shiny and which we have to keep out of the wrong hands (mainly Feiht's)

Later we ran into the guard again, though, and he got reinforcements! I don't remember too much of this, but I ended up in a place called "The Void" with the furies. Feiht and Sohac came in to help me and together we worked out an agreement of sort with the furies. I can control them to an extend, but they still scare me.

I tried to leave my friends so I wouldn't endanger them, but Ayne guessed and stopped me. The bard, Rhyme, helped us out with the guards and said she'd lead us to the next kingdom.


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