These hairy, headless, man-eating monsters form a tribe in North America, and are born to virgins performing unnatural acts, according to Navajo lore.

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Adi SagestarWouldn't want to meet him on a dark night....

JadeAnd these acts would be.....?
AlienDark magic, and its ilk, I would think. Dangerous business.
bookbookjade: you don't want to know.
BrimshackMasturbation for one thing. The origin of monsters has its origins n the seperation of the sexes and the desperate times that followed. Heh, the story begins with First Woman thanking her vagina for the meat her husband brought her (the rationale being that without it, he wouldn't have brought her anything). From there it proceeds to an epic domestic fight and then the whole commuity divides in half. Then things get very weird.
AlexI don't want to think about the biological impliation of 'unnatural', considering that things appearance. Presumably, its father was demonic in some way.
Keith LuethkeI love this website. Whoever runs this should put out a book of all these monsters and legends.
annaI think learning more about these monsters is great. I hope I could hear more from you on this. In what place does this legends exist?


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