The Road Splits
Chasing the Sunset
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Ivellio says:

that is not good I guess they will either split (unlikely) or visit dragon lands after looking for leafs dad

Odo says:

I hadn't realized how tall Rhyme was.

InBeetwen says:

Ain't this where myriad will have to chose if he should eat leaf?

MadMann135 says:

It's only fitting, Leaf is looking for his father Myhrad wants to find his parents. Pixies in Rhyme's hair braiding it, no matter how good they are that is only a stop gap.

Pulsy says:

Wow Rhyme is tall indeed! I guess it's because she's older then Leaf and Ayne, they're actually kids after all. I still think she's really cute though, with that beautifull red hair ... what? i'm not blushing, really... stop questioning me!

Also i think we're going to need a javascript magnifier on this site to properly see all the pixies doings, these strips just keep getting more detailed! :D

Dark Dragon says:

I sense a plot thickener here...what kind of runes are those? I don't think they say the same thing as the English letters...

Hooray for me!!! I'm finally 15!!! ^-^

Dark Dragon says:

The creatures of the day are totally, inconcieavbly(yes, i know that isn't how you spell that) uberful badgerifically cool!!!!!!!!

Sitara says:

badgerifically? Oh, and happy bday.

Hehe, Pixies make colorful hairpins. I want some.

Lee says:

"Short on dwarves." Ouch.

xp194 says:

so are they normal, grumpy dwarves, or terry pratchett style dwarves? I'd like to see them bump into some 'drudak'ak'(lit: they who do not go out in the fresh air much)...

*Skittles* says:

Poor Myhrad. Choices, choices, choices.

Nebra Reppalk says:

We don't always emerge from underground to fight. We are perfectly willing to trade peacefully with other nations. We're just at home under the earth. It's our natural environment, as natural as the trees are for the elves.

Jewelcast says:

I recognise those runes....
Where'd that book go?

Ah.. here it is. The runes read, by my reckoning:

That's using the runic alphabet that I have.

SiliconElvis says:

the C looking rune is indeed a C, pronounced like a K as I recall.

The Last Melon says:

Those look like Tolkien Dwarvish runes.

bookbook says:

i don't think myrhad can swallow leaf. leaf is a bit too big...
why is rhyme speaking in limericks? i liked her old verses better.

bookbook says:

click on my name!

bookbook says:

oops, sorry, bad link.

Pulsy says:

actually i like her limericks, they're in the right rhytm. Most people making limericks remember the rhyme but forget the rhytm.

InBeetwen says:

He still got claws right? he joust has to chop him up. Yes, it's unlikely,since i doubt that furies do enjoy getting eaten...

Dark Dragon says:

Badgerifically: adj; meaning extremely cool and or approved by badger...(aka Dark Dragon) sounds cooler than dark-dragon-ifically...

CryptoGirl says:

the third rune on each sign should be the same...for A. and on the "dragonlands" word, S and D appear the same. odd.

Jynx says:

Well, the runes do not seem to correspond to the English language. (The runes have 9 letters; 'Dragonlands' has 11.) The runes could read anything, actually. Unless someone decides to look up what they mean, but I'm not in the mood.

Painted Cello says:

I once spent a very long time creating my own variety of 'Elvish'. I created a rather broad lexicon, and devised rules for the grammar of my 'Elvish' based on French (my mother tongue) and the language itself was rather Latinate, but I tried to make it more sibilant and minimise the amount of plosives to create something rather mellifluous. I did some calligraphy in said language, posted it on the internet, and had a whole bunch of people argue over what sort of Elvish it was, and what language it was.

Ever thought it might a Dwarven Mith and Alien made up? Or that possibly the runes aren't meant to simply equate to English characters?

Thulinn says:

The runes are Older Futhark runes. They read "Dw´rgariki" and "Drekiland", which is probably the same as Old Norse "Dvergariki" and "Drekiland", which means "Dwarf Kingdom" and "Dragon Land".

So, now I've saved your day. No need to thank me.

Dark Dragon says:

wow! all hail Thulinn, Lord of the Futhark! (^_- I'm going to thank you anyway!)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Remember, Alien's Scandinavian, so she might know old Viking runes that are different from old English runes.

bookbook says:

pulsy- i know they're good limericks, i'm just not a big limerick fan. i prefer haikus.
oh yeah! go poetry!

Pulsy says:

ah ^^ Well i don't usually like poetry, but i really like Rhyme so i'm kinda stuck with it now :P

Mmh, Rhyme... *dreams away*

Lise says:

Me too. I like Rhyme but lately most other poetry's been driving me nuts (probably because I'm studying it involuntarily in school).

lylia123 says:

I never liked studying poetry in school.... They always tell you how to interpret poems when really they should be interpreted by the reader alone. It's like telling someone what their opinion should be.

Lise says:

Yeah, and on top of that they make you write a paper on how the "elements of poetry" point out their opinion that you don't share.

Dark Dragon says:

eh, could be worse though. My school does that and also tells us what to believe in politics and science. (I've even had a couple kids in my class try to save my soul...) I've also had people think I am a communist (partly because I have a hat that my uncle in the U.S.C.G. sent me from Russia)...I guess that's what happens when you have "weird" and/or "non-traditonal" (ooh! scary) views...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, my own family doesn't support me being a Jedi, and really don't like the fact I stopped being Catholic...

lylia123 says:

My family is all Christian so they don't support my decision to be wiccan.

Wawuty Gibit says:

say moo if you like Dragon Fable

Silverwolf says:

*reading the runes* For a good time call Galadriel at...

Dark Dragon says:

what's dragon fable? Nebra Reppalk: Yeah, I can see how Catholics would not approve of you being Jedi...Maybe you should try Sith instead. (joking, please don't cut me in half with your nice shiny lightsaber....or at least let me find mine first.)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, my religion is not wholly Jedi, just partially. I do carry a lightsaber around on a daily basis though...

Painted Cello says:

I'm Pagan, and I'm too old to have to care what my parents think of my religion! I didn't think anybody actually followed the Jedi ways seriously. I thought it was just something in the Star Wars movie. Lightsabers are cool :)

Dark Dragon says:

BLASPHEMY! WHO ART THOU TO DOUBT THE SACRED NAME OF JEDI?....sorry *hides face in hands* I'm not all that great either....I like the lightsabers, but I have the morals of a wookie...what's funny is that I won't play certain levels of my Battlefront game, because it would require me to shoot wookies. I'm not a maniac! Really!

Bob says:

Yay non-conformists!!!

DragonFire says:

leaf looks like a girl on the forth panel :P

Dragons Ecko says:

Leaf always looks a bit like a girl.

Dark Dragon says:

That has been noted hundreds of times now. Will you people come up with some more creative comments?

Lise says:

There are definitely some colorful people here, though. I wouldn't have guessed it. Seriously, how in the world do you have Jedi as a religion?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Basically, I believe in helping others. And, I carry a lightsaber around. And it's basically more of a belief in the themes of the movies. No matter how dark the day is, no matter how powerful the Empire becomes, there is always hope...

lylia123 says:

Maybe I should change my offical religion to Jedi...

glennr55 says:

I am pretty sure they did not get thier runes from Tolkien as his runes don't include the 3rd and 9th runes in the first line and 4th and 8th rune in the second line they would however translate to something like

So i think the above translation is the most lekily one. not the tolkien version i just posted as it lacks the runes to make out the proper words.

Painted Cello says:

*Dives behind the kettle-drums* Aaa! Sorry! *climbs out carefully from behind the kettle-drums.*

I see, I suppose that's not all that strange. If you take the Empire as a metaphor for the dark forces in the world, it makes a lot of sense.

Dark Dragon says:

Yeah it does... *Lobs Duel-Of-Fates Flash-Bang in the general direction of the comment board* Especially if you consider that sometimes the "bad guys" win, and you just have to keep on fighting...Does Wookie count as a religion?

bookbook says:

on the subject of religion, i've made up quite a few of my own, and i'm trying to decide which to believe in.
has anybody but me noticed that ayne's skin is going kind of gray?

Lise says:

Reppalk, you seriously carry a lightsaber around? I mean, the rest of it sounds fine, but that's kind of... weird. Hopefully not the cheap, plastic Halloween costume kind... bet you get funny looks.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Actually a lot of people think it's cool that I do that. Plus, it helps me screen out the people who I really don't want to talk to.

Wawuty Gibit says:

Dragon Fable is an online RPG with LOTS of puns/jokes. And its free.

Wawuty Gibit says:

My sister believes in the religion of sarcasm.

Wawuty Gibit says:

-Norbert- says:

If you think Jedi is a religion, you didn't pay attention to the movies.
They can be seen as a religous order, but they are not the religion itself. They are like the Johaniter or Templer or however all those catholic knightly orders were called.

As for the runic script: If I remember correctly Tolkien was professor for old germanic and english language, so it wouldn't surprise me if the just took a real rune language for his dwarfs.
And since noone else has mentioned it before: Those runes look like those used by the Asgard in Star Gate.

TheNextTaggerung says:

I am a Pastafarian (I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster), a Invisible Pink Unicornist (I also believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn), and a Picecreamist (I believe that the Great Pi and the Holy Ice Cream Bar exist too).

runicreader says:

DWSRGARIKI is first part of the sign
second part in runic is DREKILAND....elder futhark....

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Funny religion: Finnigan is my God. Finnigan (full name: Finnigan O'Pippinpaddleopsipopicus Zucchini TheFrickenThird; closely beat out Octagonapus Blah) is a little string leprechaun keychain that hangs from my belt-loop.

Serious religion: I am godless! w00t!

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

PS All hail Thulinn! Lord/Lady of Norwegian runes!

lawoma says:

my dragon rune book says its Dw´rg'ae'rici
and Drecil'ae'nd

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