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Someone says:

I love the kid's reaction to Ayne's disrespect. :)

Chariset says:

I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. I don't think she knows how to react to a mad wizard who never gets beyond affably eccentric.

Osk says:

that looks like a pixie castle

InBetween says:

there is...a sertain logic to keeping your castle in your bag, even if you ain't a wizzard...however, that also tends to make the bag remarkably hard to lift, lett alone cary away...

remmon says:

Look at the good side of that, Inbetween. I've yet to see a thief steal a full sized castle. Pixies are a whole different matter ofcourse (And the castle is unlikely to remain full sized afterwards)

Unigirl says:

No invading armies? You've obviously never met Feiht.

Unigirl says:

By the way, I love Ayne's expression in panel 4.

Adreanna says:

I didn't notice Ayne making a face at first, nor did I spot the kid kicking her. It was only when I wondered why she was hopping that I looked back and saw it! Hillarious!

Baldric says:

Kicking Ayne's injured leg is pretty mean, although funny.

bluemeadows says:

love this comic strip youve outdont yourself guys!

Woulv says:


Dark Dragon says:

"Strange, normally nobody argues with vague philosophy." True, but normally one isn't talking to a crazy elf amazon who goes around with pixies, somebody posessed by furies, and a blue dragon with orange stripes.
Brilliant comic though, I'm going to be smiling all day. ^___^

Golux says:

Heh! Ayne, here's a shin kick for your disrepsect. Looks like it hurt too. Like how he went for the wounded leg. Leaf on the otherhand is totally absorbed.

bemused says:

and here i was wondering why the kid was goosestepping...

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Now why does the rainbow thingy around Malv's castle look like the rainbow thingy in Feiht's "GIMME!" spell?

-Norbert- says:

Maybe simply a splitting of light as it also happens with a prisma?
And while the castle is pretty safe from invading armies in the bag, it can be stolen, lost or forgotten somewere....


I like the smiley face in the arcane characters

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think the reason most people don't argue with vague philosophy is because it confuses them too much by its very vagueness. People don't like to think, it's easier for them to accept something and then move on.

TheNextTaggerung says:

I never noticed Ayne making the face until Someone pointed it out. Great comic as always!

hkmaly says:

Nebra: True. Also, if someone use philosophy, it seems like he IS thinking. Thinking is contageous and you may catch it if you don't agree fast enough.

hkmaly says:

Having castle in bag when you are not inside of it is convenient, but you need to put it somewhere when you want to go inside. I mean, you can't have it in your bag when you are inside it (with the bag on), can you ?

Pulsy says:

omg i was laughing so hard spotting Ayne making a face :D Then the kid retaliating only made it worse XD /dies laughing

Pulsy says:

btw guys if you ever make additional avatars ... Ayne making a face just NEEDS to be inthere :D

Someguy says:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elderelf says:

LOVE your work, and I have become "an addict". Can't wait to see/hear what is happening next. Thank you!

Pulsy says:

Castle Summon!

ultrainventor says:

why is ayne's leg bandaged again?

Fionn says:

"Castle! I choose you!"

Lokitf says:

Wow, Malv is a pretty cool guy. I want a castle that I can store in my pocket.

eric bloedow says:

one of the comments reminded me of a subtle joke on a video game: if you "examine" the 2 "town guards" in front of a certain town, it says, "he must have the worst job on the world.","who's going to steal an entire town, anyway?"

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