Castle in the sky with .. eh .. snow?
Chasing the Sunset
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zonarius says:

thats a lotta steps have you got one with an escalator

Jeremiah says:

He might have style... but he surely has a cold

Black Mantha says:

Apparantly Tom has been there before; or Malvinicus is into making snowmen himself.
Which I wouldn't put past him, now that I think about it.

Winterbay says:

I like the squirrel next to Leaf, it looks so vicious holding that small stick the way it does.
Also: It wouldn't surprise me at all if the chicken turns out to be reaaaly evil :)

-Norbert- says:

I like how Scramper is striking the same pose as Leaf (well, apart from having a tail instead of a cloak :) ).

Osk says:

the squirrel has a name?

Chessrook44 says:

The squirrel's been in the comic before?

Woulv says:

maby the stairs is a magical ecalator?

TL Wyvren says:

The squirrel has a name, yes.

Nice shading! I especially like the reflection on the lake's surface!

Can't-think-of-a-cool-name says:

sorry about that last message, I accidentally put my text in the "site" box. Who named the squirrel,have we seen him before?

Lord Gray says:

Malvenicus has either a slightly miniatyrized castle or a very big snowman. As always, the color scheme/shading strikes me down with awesome.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I like the snow. If I had my own magical castle it would probably be winter there most of the time. Then again, you'd probably get a horrible draft in that castle...

Someguy says:

Drafts are for your crummy, non-magical castles!

Kinesthe says:

Spent the last 3 days reading through the archive and no I'm upset that I've reached the end of the finished ones :(
Oh well, future updates :)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

If (when) I have a castle, I'll make it winter ALL the time, but only in a certain area of the castle. Like, I'd limit the winter to a certain courtyard.

Skreyola says:

Well, of course! What else would a castle stored inside a snow globe have but snow?

hkmaly says:

Oh, so this is how he deal with fact there might be no place suitable for castle around. Fantastic.

Kuyselle Goldword: If its all the time, it's not called winter, its called ice courtyard. And it's supposed to be across from the fire courtyard. You need both to keep the balance.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

hkmaly: Well, no, it'd be winter, because I'd have it have weather. And at points it would be Hanukkah and Christmas and New Year's and Valentine's Day. Ooh! When it's Valentine's Day, I could make all the snowflakes heart-shaped! Or maybe Tiffany Aching-shaped... :)

Icala says:

I like how the design of the castle matches the design of the staff. And vice versa.

Gaia says:

Wow, this page is absolutely beautiful! I particularly like Ayne's pose - very striking.

Faticia says:

This page is absolutely beautiful, especially the coloring of Leaf and Ayne!!! :D

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'd rather live up North where it's cold and winter all the time. Easier to deal with than summer heat.

-Norbert- says:

The squirrel is a recurring guest in the comic.
Quite close to the beginning of the comic (somewere before they reached the big wall if I remember correctly) someone gave it the name Scramper in the comments, which stuck since then.

Lee says:

The squirrel's been around for a while. He follows our heroes because they're nuts.

DarkPixie72 says:

SQUIRRELLLL! Yay! Scramper is a nice name! I didn't read all the comments till recently, so I've just been yelling "SQUIRRELLLL" everytime he comes up..^^' Apoligies..x

Someguy says:

If I had a magical castle, it'd have really long winding stairs like this. And after they started going up them, I'd go and use the elevator.

Dark Dragon says:

Malvenicus seems to have a weakness for things floating unattached to anything else...

I also want to say how amazing the art has gotten over the last couple years. The level of detail is absolutely astounding!

Neko says:

Yay for the squirrel. Lol...
Dude, I seriously want that castle. It's stinkin' AWESOME!
*steals bag and castle*

hkmaly says:

Hmmm .... if the Scramper was able to follow them all the way, he must be a good magician himself ... or perhaps another pixie in disguise ? Nah, no pixie could have so long attention span ...

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

deehee! Scramper!
Floating castle? I want one!
Great great artworkses as always

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