Chasing the Sunset
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distantvoices says:

Great. Just great.

This has given me such a laugh on this monday morning filled with grizzlyness and sullen people, me included.

Osk says:

we all knew he was going to fall, but now would be a bad time to breath some fire. Never breath fire to your front when traveling throught that area at high speeds

Chariset says:

He's hit! He's hit! Mayday! Dragon going down!

fuzzy says:

love your sense of humor this comic is wonderful !!

Woulv says:

lol^^ almost like hitchikers guide to the galaxy flying^^

Winterbay says:

Well, at least we can assume that the fire will go out when he crashes into the lake...

Nebra Reppalk says:

But what are birds? We just don't know.

bluemeadows says:

LOL poor little guy he'll make such a great splash!

Pulsy says:

omg he's breathing fire too! I wonder why he's attracting birds now though... maybe they're just curious?

Also that staff needs to be incredibly light, even with Leafs weight on it, it's barely touching the water...

Lee says:

Um, cause it's made of wood?

Golux says:

Glide! Glide! Flare and land.

Melan says:

The staff is magic, and came from an eccentric mage. Knowing the mage, the staff is not only enchanted, but also has a personality. And the personality says: "I'm afraid of water." And even though it's enchanted, it hasn't quite learned to fly by itself yet. So, in compromise, it instead just rests on top of the water. Ha!
(and edit. silly comment ended up in the website box the first time around.)

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:

Aww. That just makes it all even cuter =)

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

I knew he was gonna fall when he opened his eyes, I didn't know he was gonna breath fire in annoyance at the birds.... I hope he recovers before hitting the lake - I know he doesn't swim well!

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Oh, and I think the birds are just harassing him cuz they're not used to a dragon being in their air space.

Osk says:

lee, even wood, like a plank or stick, is about half under water, dependin on the type of wood, more when the water soaks into the vibers. so, either the staff is hollow, made from very light wood, or magical. i bet on the last one

skyeangel says:

I thought it would be the pixies that would make him fall, not birds. Very funny; please keep up the wonderful work you do.

boonerunner says:

The staff floats because Lee made a Monty Python reference.

OWK says:

I hope Ayne takes care of her bow and arrows quickly once she gets out of the lake. They probably don't take immersion that well.

hkmaly says:

OWK: And her sword.

Yaknar says:

OWK: Its not the bow or the arrows that will get ruined. The bowstring, however will, being in prolonged dampness will completly destroy it

Balrog says:

the pixie did it

Leinad says:

Mayday! Mayday! Dragon One is hit! I'm going down! *vroooom... splish*

Tonic says:

Hmm... I know birds falling at your feet is supposed to be an omen, but what about dragons?

Someguy says:

Anything falling at your feet is probably a bad sign... especially if it falls from the sky first.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Panel 5 reminds me of a comic I once read, where the main character is dangling over a deep pit holding onto a rope hanging over it using only her teeth. Another character tosses her a rope, saying "Here, grab this!" She says:
"The rope looks like a SQUIRREL with AAAAHH..."
Love Panel 4. Reminds me of the old Myrhad, with a butterfly on his nose... heh.

Tonic says:

"especially if it falls from the sky"? As opposed to falling from under the ground?

Lairmaid says:

...Is that fire trickling out of the corner of his mouth right now?

TheNextTaggerung says:

Tonic: If it fell from under the ground, half the time you're on top of it.

Mime says:

i think the birds were just trying to help him fly properly

Tangent says:

Mayday, mayday, dragon down! Dragon down! =^-^=

eekee says:

Ayne's face makes me giggle. ^_^ I think I know that feeling. :)

Balrog says:

Look the birds are not really a pixie is doing it.

ericbloedow says:

late comment: an earlier comment reminded me of several Diskworld stories where dragons flew by shooting fire out of their,um,rear ends!

Haubarren says:

Control Tower, this is Gnome Airsquad No.1337. We have an incoming drageling! I repeat, an incoming drageling, sighted over the lake! Prepare for EVAC!

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