Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

Somebody get Myhrad a copy of The Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickenson.

distantvoices says:

Oh man, that's so marvellous! I think I'm gonna sit all day long grinning just because of this.

Pulsy says:

Whehehehe i love how Ayne is emptying her boot :D Myhrad in crash position is priceless too :D

Woulv says:

LoL^^ he is 2 feet above the ground and so instead of just droping to it he disides to fire himself into it^^

Odofitzg says:

marvelous, simply marvelous.

hkmaly says:

Oh. I get it. The lake is not so big, it's the "mountains" thats so small. Lucky Myhrad. That is, lucky if he really prefers crashing on land where it hurts more before geting wet.

Someguy says:

... so... dragons are hot-air balloons?

Winterbay says:

I also want a dragon flight simulator. It would be one of the best game dieas ever :)

I'm however a little disapointed that there isn't a fish coming out of Ayne's boots...

distantvoices says:

or some crabs. "Einsiedlerkrebse" falling out of the boot would have been quite a gag. ^^

Nebra Reppalk says:

The important thing usually is not to overthink it, just do what comes naturally.

woulv says:

one of the wonderous quotess from htchikers gude to the galaxy^^

Tinna says:

Myrhad is undeniably adorable.

Tangent says:

Now I'm reminded of Guards Guard! by Terry Pratchett. ^^

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

It looks like the birds are actually trying to help Myhrad stay in the air - like they're pulling up on his tail! Nice birdies trying to help!

EdorFaus says:

Heh, first thing that struck me when I read the alt text is that the pilot apparently hasn't read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates, or at least not recently...
Rule #1: Pillage, *then* burn!

Chariset says:

It's like he's growing up before our very eyes! *sniff, wipes tear* Our little drageling is getting so BIG..

Golux says:

Reading "Guards! Guards!" for the third time, just finished "The Color of Magic". Cool dragons contained therein, Twoflower could have used a good dragon simulator with a fadeout on gaining too high an altitude. And then I arrive here to find Myhrad totally blowing a simple drop from two feet. Awesome.

Winterbay says:

"Guards! Guards!" is areally funny book. A really good fantasy parody on all tsnadard fantasy.
Also the one-in-a-million-joke is hillarious everytime it pops up :)

mrudat says:

It's supposed to be pillage and then burn. =)

Darius Drake says:

Okay, I have two questioning thoughts. One, how did the other Dragons fly without using their fire, and two, how do Dragons use their fire without flying? I can't think of any answers to the second one.

Darius Drake says:

So two questions. One, how did the other dragons fly without breathing fire, and two, how do Dragons use their fire without flying? I can't think of any possible answers to the second one.

Darius Drake says:

Sorry for repeating myself, I didn't realize.

Mithandir says:

Darius Drake: Dragon flight in the World That Is is a combination of three things: Superheated air, Wingpower and Magic. Myhrad is very young and still has relatively underdeveloped wings and little magic, so he's flying primarily on the hot air effect. However he's also pretty small, so breathing out fire has a greater effect on him than it would on a larger dragon. As dragons get bigger, flight control moves mor eto the wing and eventually magic assistance (but they need all three in unison).

Osk says:

so, a dragon that has to fight wouldnt breath too much fire, since after a while it wouldnt be able to fly anymore?

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:


firelander says:

Mmmmm, I actually think it is time for a little pixie to come back, and a dragon to eat that pixie

hkmaly says:

firelander: That will not help. Feiht was already eaten by dragon once ... (Comic #353)

Golux says:

"Golly!" said Lady Ramkin. "Look! It's using the thermals! That's what the fire is for!" She turned to Vimes, her eyes hopelessly aglow. "Do you realize we're very probably seeing something that no-one has seen for centuries?"

"Yes, it's a bloody flying alligator setting fire to my city!" shouted Vimes.

Misteridiot says:

Wait, he still "landed" right side up even though he was flying backward, upside down? He must be part cat!!!

Forewarned76 says:

That's Gordon R. Dickson, I should know I'm one away from having the whole set

Mkananoja says:

Landing - I want a dragon flight simulator. 'Tower, this is Dragon Alpha Three Niner, requesting permission to land, burn and pillage.'


Bwhahaha xD

... says:

He threw himself at the ground and hit it!

Haubarren says:

Control Tower to Gnomish Airsquad No. 1337, the Drageling has landed at the determined LZ, I repeat, the Drageling has landed. No need for EVAC. Over.

Casey says:

Sadly, the first comment on this strip is wrong. This is a reference to "The Dragon and the George" by Gordon R. Dickinson, upon which the movie "Flight of Dragons" was based. ...Or on the movie, maybe.

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