Chasing the Sunset
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Someguy says:

First comment! W00!

Sir Gawain says:

You haven't been paying attention much have you, Myhrad?

firelander says:

Well, time to make a new buffer then :p

eekee says:

Paw Mhyrad :)

Chariset says:

We still love you, Mith.

ailruby says:

Amazing quality is good and all, but I have dropped well drawn comics because of their lame story or inactivity.

Woulv says:

but this storry is well drawn and has a good storry so whats your point? (and they update all the time^^)

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm sorry, does this latest development in plot seem forced to anyone else?

Eva says:

Can't Feiht show up?

Mithandir says:

Nebra: Probably. My writing sucks and has just been getting worse and worse. I'm sorry, everybody, for letting you all down.

Firelander says:

it ds a little bit Nebra, i actually want feiht back. She was sometimes anoyin but she actually is usefull as a character that makes it easy to start a new adventure.


Aaah, ADD...

Aegir says:

No, no, no. Feiht doesn't have ADD, she has ADPO (Attention Deficient Pixie OVERDRIVE!). Far, far, more dangerous.

ailruby says:

No, no, what I was saying was I really like this comic and just because the creator(s)thinks a little worst than usually will not stop me from reading it.

4WindsWanderer says:

You'd certainly think so, Myhrad, wouldn't you?

Pulsy says:

I think with the start of a new chapter, the story is bound to twist a bit, i certainly like the potential of Myhrad being able to fly, and i think Feiht is going to make her grand return some time very soon anyway. The kid being kidnapped is kind of puzzling though, didn't think we'd see him again really.

Ladyfox says:

Mithandir!! (KRAKKOOOMM!! (Hey- waitaminute...) - STOP IT... WE adore the story and your work, otherwise we wouldn't follow it as closely as we do... So stop being so hard on yourself!

Mad_Sheep says:

Three are few comics i enjoy so much with every update like this one =) its just fantastic to read as well as to reread ;) the characters are very charming and developing all the time so i really don't see a reason why you think you would deliver bad work!

wolf says:

Poor little dragon so ignored

Bad story line? no no no it's wonderful you really need to stop being so hard on yourself.

TaiMaqwilloq says:

anyone else notice what looks like blood in the background?

bluemeadows says:

awww mith dont worry talking about myself i have loved the present story line you could be a little nicer to little dragons though :-P

Lee says:

Yeah, stop beating on yourself. There's plenty of people who'd like to do it for you. :-S

Zypher says:

@TaiMaqwilloq: It is mushrooms, I looked really closely.

I've been following this for a while, and it seems like a good story to me! Good enough that when my computer died I looked for this one on my other computer!

Lindale says:

Aww poor Myhrad!
And I still like this comic, even when it's not at it's best - it's still good :)

Mpp says:

And what exactly is wrong with this story?

Goldenear777 says:

Hey, it's a much better story than i could ever write Mith, stop being so hard on yourself.

Osk says:

in current company, the first flight of a dragon isnt that exceptional. you're in the company of an amazon and a person posessed by the spirits of fury

Osk says:

poor colouring? poor story quality? i'm sure it was sarcastic

BASM says:

I love this comic. The cast of characters are endearing and you never know who (or what) will be added to the story next. It is really useful to have the Next Update countdown too. (It allows me to do homework instead of sitting at my computer wondering when the next issue of an awesome comic is). Thank you so much for such a captivating plot and pretty colors.

Skreyola says:

Tai: Those are mushrooms. :)

Randome Reader says:

I recently read the whole comic. The story is fun and I like how the drawins and colours are developing. So, thank you for creating it and keep up the good work :) .

firelander says:

osk, i agree with you

Katja says:

This story is great i come back all the time for updates dont be so hard on your self

stormkite says:

Doesn't seem forced to me; I live in a world where weird coincidence isn't particularly weird... Kinda hoping our newly fledged drageling will be able to make use of his new talent in the great adventure that young Tommy has just gotten himself into...

Agree with Myrhad that it's a hell of a note when "first flight" isn't the news of the day...

MadMann135 says:

Myhrid normally the first flight of a dragon is a special thing, but your with Leaf and Ayne. A special thing for them is when the universe finally goes 'boom.'

Anonymous or however you spell it says:

Or a kid getting kidnapped, evidently.

Osk says:

maybe tis is another test done by an insane, err, senile magister

hkmaly says:

Osk: I still think he's excentric. I mean, how much could a castle like that cost ?

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