Chasing the Sunset
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Sir Gawain says:

Ayne, Ayne, Ayne! You don't have to be tough all the time.

Also, please disregard the alt-text. You CAN study the individual pattern of each snowflake.

Osk says:

cant be tat cold, leaf didnt turn blue. maybe te furies keep him warm? heh, maybe leaf will turn red soon :p

Woulv says:

Ayne is so cute here^^ i think she looks more green than blue thought^^

Winterbay says:

Well yes you can study them, they are just rather blurred even if you zoom in :)

Also, it is hard to be the tough one if you don't feel like it.

Anakha says:

hehehe, yeah, the wonders of a blue transformation......

Pulsy says:

Awwww i was just about to compare all snowflakes for unrealistic similarities! :P

remmon says:

With Alien drawing the linearts, Pulsy? Fat chance there.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sometimes...sometimes people just don't understand when you're not tough. Sometimes the mask becomes who you are.

Someguy says:

The way that snowflake is placed in the place panel almost looks like a tear in her eye. Aww.
Also, Myhrad's mouth gets HUGE when he's whinning.

-Norbert- says:

I love what Myhrad is doing with his tail... so cure.

Darius Drake says:

When isn't Myhrad whining when his/her mouth is open? Does Leaf still have the ability to talk by the end of this comic? You would think that he would have something to say in this exchange if he could.

Oh, and Ayne looks like she either needs to be warmed up desperately, or cuddled just as desperately, in the last panel. I don't care if people disagree, that is my opinion.

alpaca says:

'come here Ayne, i'll give you a hug and a kiss'

iMuffin Muncher says:

@Osk's comment: I wonder if his furies do keep him warm? That would be downright awesome.

bluemeadows says:

yay!! another update love you guys!! also really love the picture of Ayne at the end bless her!!!

Aean says:

Darius is right - That is possibly the cutest pic of Ayne in the entire story...and she looks like she needs Leaf to cuddle with.

Lee says:

"The way that snowflake is placed in the place panel almost looks like a tear in her eye. Aww."

That may look accidentsl, but as far as this strip is concerned I'm not inclined to believe in accidents...

firelander says:

mmm, agreed, if the furies keep leaf warm, another point for the furies and indirect for the pixie negotiators

She Wolf says:

Im wondering if Feith has something to do with the kid being missing.. maybe she turned him into a duckie?

InBetween says:

If they do, would that make it very nice ang cozy to hugg him while out in the snow, or would it make him like some kind of walking fireplace, someone you want to keep close, but never hug...if so, poor Leaf. only being abel to hug myriadh, whom i asume are fireprof

Phenoca says:

I didn't notice.

pseudonym says:

whoah! i just noticed thaat ayne has been steadily getting blue!

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