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Chasing the Sunset
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Kae says:

Truer words never spoken: "I need a bigger dragon."
On a side note, doth did? Didst, perhaps?

Odofitzg says:

Nice -- "I need a bigger dragon." Nothing distracts the populace from the dangers of an elf wielding the power of Furies like a nice big dragon.

Bagis says:

Once again a greate one, love the "I need a bigger dragon" :P

Chariset says:

Sounds like they come from Lady Cynthia's part of town

Chariset says:

Doesn't Ayne look symbolic in Panel 2? She's got that personification-of-an-abstract thing going on with the waving sheet and the flying hair.

Also, I wonder if they ever found Tom

Pulsy says:

I think most of us could use bigger dragons too... Also i could do with a nice 5 month hibernation as well. Very recognizable comic today!

Firelander says:

mmmm, no you don't need a bigger dragon, you need a dragon that is able to scare the people

simon_w says:

Kudos to whomever actually translates all the doths, periods and dashes into morse

bluemeadows says:

Awww he looks like such a kid in this stip, how old are they now? i've lost track teenagers in elf years right? bless him he is so darn cute! great job alien i think youve out done your self :-)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hmm, that center part left blank unintentionally...or not. DUH DUH DUUUUUUUHHHHH.

hkmaly says:

Chariset: More like they come from that small country village lady Cynthia called "seventh circle of burning Hades" in comics #337.

hkmaly says:

Can elves really go into hibernation ? I assume dragons can :-).

Winterbay says:

Yay! It's back :)
Love the alt-text. I sincerely hope no one actually goes through the archive and tries to read the morse as that would be horribly boring :)

Unigirl says:

Hmmm.. Is that a challenge, Winterbay?

Bunt says:

I did would be the correct English version. Didst would be used with thou.

Lindale says:

So many problems would be sovled with bigger dragons XD

Aean says:

Looks like the cold wasn't turning Ayne blue - she's just turning into a 'strawberry blue' amazon!

Baldric says:

I feel Leaf and Myhrad's pain : nobody ever lets met sleep for five months either !

I wonder who doth be Cynthia's demonic consorts...

Buk Fiddy says:

Where can i find the alt text everyone keeps talking about?. Also, the villagers should be more afraid of Ayane

Kuyselle Goldword says:

AWWWW! Leaf looksso CUTE in Panel 5! And lady-whose-name-I-can't-remember looks TALL. And motherly. Heh. I want a Fallen-Leaf-in-red-pajamas for next Christmas.

Leinad says:

Looks like i owe you, Jostikas... :P

Azrael says:

Buk, hover your cursor over the comic. The alt-text will pop up shortly.

I absolutely love Leaf's "I need a bigger dragon".

eekee says:

Leaf doth be funny when he's just woken up. That's rare talent. XD

Ladyfox7oaks says:

SPAM, Anyone? We need a bigger dragon.. to FLAME these jerks!

Winterbay says:

Also, if you right-click on the image and choose "properties" you get an alt-text that stays and does not go away after a while (good for long alt-texts or if you're a slow reader).

Winterbay says:

@unigirl: If you want it to be a challenge it can be :)
(I would not recommend it though...)

Darius Drake says:

The living, magical grenade-launcher needs a bigger flying flamethrower tank. Who needs weapons when you have friends like that.

Alric says:

I used the magnifier on the blank space and still didn't spot anything!

Dark Donkey says:

Yay, Leaf looks like a girl again.

Dark Donkey says:

And the clothes only make it worse... wonder if any of the humans in there will start hit on him.

Adam says:

I do / I did
You do / You did
Thou dost / Thou didst
He doth / He did

You could still pull off the Shakespearean feel using other old words though, like this:

"Thou art almost frozen, then."
"I told them to bring thee in."
"They trust not elves."

Skreyola says:

I don't think sounding Elizabethan was the goal. Notice Leaf's reaction... either hanging a lampshade on the silliness, or else indicating the lady is not all there...

Skreyola says:

By the way, if you subscribe to the RSS feed, you'll get the alt text right in your updates, so you can spend as much time as you like reading it.

FordPrefect says:

I doth think that's Lady C in disguise

Osk says:

hibernating does sound like a great idea. at least they cant get into (more) trouble that way

Alric says:

Where's my dots? :D

Einar, the hairy little dwarf says:


Lee says:

Whither goeth the April Fooleth?

firelander says:

we wants april fools back

stealthmuffin. says:

okayyyyy so.
just started reading a few days ago.

the art has actually gotten a LOT better. like. seriously. good job. :P

i love the characters. but i miss feiht. she was a lot of fun. :(

Darius Drake says:

Stealthmuffin, I suspect that the Pixie will be back. So does Leaf and the rest of the gang, which is why Leaf kept the water balloon over the shiny bit of the staff.

Galadriel says:

Google Translate says "kneuzing" is bruising. Hope things improve soon!

Caribet says:

Thoracle says:

What's more frightening, a baby vegetarian dragon, or an elf containing the Furies?

hkmaly says:

The elf, of course ... but only if you KNOW a dragon is vegetarian and elf possessed by Furies. Which the villagers shouldn't know.

... says:

Elves don't hibernate as far as I know, but then it's Myhrad who adds "Months" when Leaf asks for five more. And just because you want to do something doesn't necessarily mean you do or can. I some times wish i could hibernate too, but I'm just an ordinary human.

As for the strange speech, it may be this isn't how the woman normally speaks but she thinks this is how you're supposed to speak to elves. She'll probably start slipping as soon as she notices that Leaf is speaking normally.

Someguy says:

Your doth-fu is weak, and no match for my thou-jitsu!

Osk says:

aw, delay again. better luck next time

HamstersEverywhere says:

As much as I love this comic as a whole, the grammar in this particular one just grates. I'm sorry, but putting doth in every sentence, regardless of whether usage was proper or not, does not 500 year old English make.

Balrog says:

Bah! dragons aren't scary. A Balrog on the other hand...

Cello-Playing Mathematician says:

Hamsters: I think it's supposed to be funny... not sure.

Rose says:

I hate to ask this but is Leaf wearing different PJ's then in the previous strip? It looks to me as if they start out blue.

Kalendril says:

mmmm, five more months... I wish! I love the comic, you guys are awesome!

Chariset says:

Get better soon, Alien. We can wait

Scoot says:

Rose - It's a blanket.

Sasha..x says:

Rose: I didn't notice that until you said it, but his sleeve WAS blue in the last strip!

Osk says:

i checked it, and indeed the offending sleeve is guilty

Ouch! says:

Hey, isn't "cliché" with an "é"?

Dark Donkey says:

It can be spelled both ways.

Chariset says:

The accent helps with the pronunciation. Otherwise you might say it 'cleesh'

Vinom.Godking says:

touché my good man, now when are we going to get another comic?

Kalendril says:

the clock lied! I waited up, and there was no new comic... I doth not trust that the clock doth tell the truth...

Balrog says:

Hey! Anyone want a good recipe for elf stew?

Neko says:

Ack, didn't mean to post above! >.<
Well, finally I've caught up, it was about 50 strips to read, but I did it, stupid computer not being able to work when I need it to read my comics.
Love it, as always.
Just five more...
I feel like that a lot...
Dark Donkey: A few years ago before I learned how to pronounce it, I pronounced it klitch. LOL!

Osk says:

hm, maybe leaf can magically make his dragon grow faster?

Pathanos says:

This space unintentionally left blank..... or is it?

nice :P

Dark Donkey says:

Pathanos; I was confused by your comment for a while before I noticed it, too. Thought you were talking about a blank space in the comment window!


I think this comic is taking a 5 month hybernation

Mithandir says:

We're not .. but it's terribly difficult to update with an injured artist :(
Unless you want me to do the drawing of course, in which case you'll get stick figures ;)

DarthZimmy says:

as long as the plot advances

demodude says:

CtS stick figures! perfect filler material...maybe

Dark Donkey says:

I'll try draw Myhrad in my comment: C3{

Dark Donkey says:

Well, I tried :D

hailstorm says:

did anyone elce read the tiny words in the middle margin
it says "this space was left entirely blank............or was it"

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