Too late. Gotta fly.
Chasing the Sunset
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Winterbay says:

Wohoo! New comic, love it.
The alt-test is brilliant as always :)
I'm really looking forward to see how this storyline evolves.

Alric says:

Fly or melt the snow. I go with Option 3 ;)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Am I going to have to defend my people now against broad accusations that dwarves always use slave labor?

Flightmare says:

...Apparently I will have to rise earlier to get first comment. Although third is still better than twenty third... Excellent comic, as usual. Chasing the Sunset is a refreshing oasis in our modern cacophonous anarchy of the web.

Mithandir says:

Nebra: I hope not.

Flightmare says:

And no, Nebra Rappalk, we all realize that there is a small percentage of Dwarves who disagree with slave labor.

Winterbay says:

Go up earlier? I posted my comment at around 9.30 my time :)


"I knew it was a bad time to learn to fly". great, just, well, great :D


and are they sort of friends with the dwarf king? or at leas not hated?

Zypher says:

Learning to fly is ALWAYS a bad idea.

RocksMapsandCrafts says:

Ooo, but if he melted that much snow (must be a lot if the pass is snowed in) it might flood the village below...
(YAY NEW COMIC! Great job!)

Balgin says:

Again I'd like to reiterate my point about hath.

Balgin says:

And even canst for that matter. Lest thou canst fly!

Lee says:

There's no sensation to compare with this...

hkmaly says:

Only if the village is really below the pass and not somewhere else :-)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Oy. The life of a dragon doth be hard, it seems. Sleeping... eating... firebreathing... flying... sleeping... eating...

EcchiKitty says:

*Some* dwarves use slave labor. Just as *some* humans do. Nothing racist about it.

The Editor says:

Powers... weakening... bad grammar... too much... can't use... complete sentences! (Great comic, BTW :) )

Tsuuretsu_Unabara says:

I enjoy the little pixie and mushrooms. :-)
Yay! Magnification.

Zypher says:

@Balgin: Problem there. That's good grammar. The point is their grammar SUCKS. XD Though it IS kinda making me twitch too.

BibhaizeCab says:

Here you can find everything you need

For real

Winterbay says:

Exactly, the point is that these guys have grammar as a forbidden art. Requesting that they actually use correct grammar would then be slightly bad manners :)

Balgin says:

Right, you saw yesterday when I pointed out that it ahd to be a joke?

Silk Schneider says:

well, im pretty certain this is a time when leaf could use his furies to melt the snow. not like child slavery wouldnt get him mad...

hkmaly says:

Silk Schneider: Not sure if it will be enough (at least if it's still snowing) but definitely something to try.

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